ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 1-07

Languages and Nationalites

Watch these videos to learn how to use can to talk about abilities.

Languages, Nationalies and Countries

Point 1: The names of countries, languages, and people from a country begin with a capital letter.

I am from Germany.
He can speak French.
I love Thai fod.

Point 2: The adjective form of a country can be used to describe people, languages, and items.

People speak Spanish in Spain.
She is Italian, but does not speak Italian.
We bought a Japanese car in Japan.


Point 3: There are some patterns in English for nationalities but there are many exceptions. It is best to just remember them case-by-case.
Country Nationality Country Nationality
Japan Japanese Thailand Thai
China Chinese Korea Korean
Sweden Swedish Greece Greek
Germany German Poland Polish
Italy Italian Portugal Portuguese
France French Turkey Turkish
Spain Spanish Finland Finish
Mexico Mexican Colombia Colombian
Canada Canadian Brazil Brazilian


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