ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 2-04


Watch these videos to learn how to articles.

Singular vs Plural Nouns with Articles

Point 1: We use plural nouns when we talk about more than one item. We add an (s) to the noun.
  1. I have many books.
  2. I don't have a history book.
  3. I have a cat and two dogs.
Point 2: We use the article a and an before a singular noun for an item that is not specific to the listener.
  1. I have an old computer.
  2. She has a nice house.
  3. I have a big kitchen.
  4. I don't have an umbrella.
Point 3: Once the listener knows about the item, we use the article the instead of a or an in future references.
  1. To make an omelet, crack an egg. Then whisk the egg.
  2. Then get a pan. Cook the egg in the pan.
  3. Then get a plate. Put the egg on the plate.
  4. Then get a fork. Use the fork to eat the omelet.
Point 4: When we talk about items in general, use the plural form, often without the article the.
  1. Books are important.
  2. Do you like apples?
  3. Everybody needs friends.
  4. I don't like watching movies.
Point 5: We use the article the before plural nouns when we refer to a specific group of items.
  1. I bought the books you asked for.
  2. The streets in my town are very clean.
  3. I love the cookies my mother makes.
  4. The students in my class like to play games.

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