ELLLO Low Intermediate English Lesson #4-02

Causative Verbs

Watch these videos to learn how to use these causitive verbs: let, make and help.

Causative Verbs

The verbs make, let, and help can be causative verbs.

One agent (person or thing) is causing an action in another agent (person or thing).

Point 1: (help, make, let) + person + base verb + object

She let me leave the office early.
My mom made me take out the trash.
My sisters often helps me do my taxes.

Point 2: Let

He let me use his car.
They let us stay in their house.
The waiter let us change tables.
The teacher didn't let us leave early.

Point 3: Make

He made me carry his bags.
My mom made me finish my homework.
I will make you pay for this! (I will get revenge!)
We didn't make him obey the rules.

Point 4: Help

He helped me move into my house.
I'm helping her write her essay.
I can help you do that.
She didn't help me do anything.

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