ELLLO Intermediate English Lesson #5-03

Subordinating Conjunctions of Reason

Watch these videos to learn how to use subordinating conjunctions of reason.

Subordinating Conjunctions | Reasons and Contrast

Subordinating conjunctions of reason and contrast show relationships between actions.
  1. We ate dinner early because we were hungry.
  2. Let's see a movie since we are at the cinema.
  3. She wore a coat even though it was hot.
  4. While he is smart, he is a very lazy student.
Because and since shows a reason.
  1. I have to leave because I work tomorrow.
  2. Because I work tomorrow, I have to leave.
  3. We went inside since it was raining.
  4. Since it was raining, I went inside.
Even though shows contrast between two actions.
  1. We stayed inside even though it was sunny.
  2. Even though it was sunny, we stayed inside.
  3. I passed the test even though I did not study.
  4. Even though I did not study, I passed the test.
Although contrasts ideas and means the same as even though, but it is not as flexible in usage.
  1. Although I am fat, I am very fit.
  2. Although I have a license, I never drive my car.
  3. Although I like fashion, I have few clothes.
  4. You can eat that although you will regret it.
While also contrasts ideas. It is only used to contrast ideas from the start of a sentence.
  1. While I hate vegetables, I still eat them.
  2. While I speak Japanese, I never use it.
  3. While I do like sports, I do not play them often.
  4. While you can say that, you can't mean it.

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