Resse and Tlotlo / Botswana flaf

Tlotlo: Hi, my name is Tlotlo and I am from Botswana.

Reese: Me, I'm Reese from Botswana as well.

Tlotlo: And our question is do you believe in death penalty?

Reese: I think I do believe in death penalty.

Tlotlo: Why?

Reese: Because I feel that before you take the life of someone, you should know that your life could be taken as well.

Tlotlo: But don't you think it is the Will of God to give and take, not the decision of another person to take someone else's life?

Reese: But I feel that if the death penalty is not in place then people will not consider the real reality of their actions. They will always be like if they just get life sentence then people can live in prison, you can live a good life in prison.

Tlotlo: How is that?

Reese: In prison you can do so much in prison nowadays. You can workout, you can study in prison if you want to.

Tlotlo: What are you saying? Are you saying being in prison is actually like a leisure because you're putting it that way.

Reese: What I'm saying is it's not as bad as losing your life so people won't think of it, if we go to the extent of killing someone then your life must not be that good anyway.

Tlotlo: No-one should ever have to pass judgement and no-one should ever have to make such a decision, especially one that involves taking the life of someone else. It is not our will and it should never be. God can only decide that thing for us but we cannot. I totally disagree with you.

Reese: I feel that if you're going to take it as written by God, do unto others as you want to be done unto yourself.

Tlotlo: I think you are using God's words in vain. That is not what he meant. What about the words that he says. What about forgiving? What about that?

Reese: Forgiving?

Tlotlo: Yes, forgiving.

Reese: There's forgiveness but such a harsh crime. What about the person?

Tlotlo: I believe that going to prison is enough punishment for a person who committed murder.

Reese: I don't.

Tlotlo: Not to die.

Reese: I feel that if it's only prison then people don't see really how serious what they are doing is because losing your life and going to prison are two completely different things.

Tlotlo: Let's agree to disagree then.

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