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settingEnglish Listening Lesson Library Online is a collection of over 2,000 free ESL/EFL lessons made for students and teachers. Users can listen online or download and print lessons for offline and in-class use. More Details >>

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creatorElllo is created by Todd Beuckens, an English teacher based in Japan. Feel free to contact him at the address listed for feedback, requests, or point out one of those annoying typos!



Teacher's Guide to Using ELLLO

While elllo is designed for students, it is a great resource for teachers as it can be used for various tasks and is a good way to supplement lesson plans with authentic material. Below are some of the ways you can use elllo to save prep time, spruce up your lesson, and offer free lesson material for your students.

Use ELLLO in Class

Nearly all the audio is downloadable so teachers can either download the MP3 files for in class listening (you can burn them to a CD or play them from an iPhone) or if you classroom has a computer AV system, you can play the audio straight from the website. (To download any audio, just right click any blue audio link on the webpage and save it to your computer).

Print the Lessons for Offline Use

Go unplugged and print the lessons and use them as content for the classroom. Most activities have print-friendly CSS so teachers can print the transcripts (with a quiz) for in-class use. A simple lesson plan is to have students read the dialogues in pairs, then answer the questions on the right, and then discuss the topic themselves.

Use ELLLO in the Computer Lab

Natually, elllo is ideal for the computer lab, as students can access the lessons freely from any computer connected to the internet. Teachers can direct students to one particular activity or they can let students choose their own lesson from any of the 2000 listening options.

Use ELLLO as Homework

Teachers can use elllo as homework by assigning one of the listening tasks as an assignment to be completed outside of class. One easy homework task is to assign the students to listen to three movies from the video section. Have them write the question for the video (what the speaker talks about) and a short summary of the answer. Then have the students write their own answer to the question in thirty to fifty words. Then, the next day share thier work in discussion with another student. (Students love this task!)

Use ELLLO as Self-Access or Self-Study

Because of the abundance of listening materials, teachers can use the lesson as self-access for independent study programs, or as remedial content (or advanced content) for students who need to catch up or need supplemental materials.







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