English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1 - Lesson 9 of 25

Subject Pronouns

Read and listen to four conversation using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: What does your mom do?
Woman: She is a chef at a restaurant.
Man: Cool! That means she is a good cook.
Woman: Yes, she is a great cook.
Man: Where does she work?
Woman: She works at an Italian restaurant.

Conversation 2

Man: What is your dad like?
Woman: He is funny. He's very friendly.
Man: What does he look like?
Woman: He is tall and big.
Man: How old is he?
Woman: He is 47.

Conversation 3

Man: Who are your friends?
Woman: Betty, Jason and Laura.
Man: Are they students?
Woman: Yes, they are. They all study business.
Man: Are they from around here?
Woman: No, they are all from different cities.

Conversation 4

Man: Are we there yet?
Woman: No, but we are close, I think.
Man: How close are we?
Woman: We are ten, maybe 20 minutes away.
Man: What? Twenty minutes! Are we lost?
Woman: No, we are not lost. Trust me!

Subject Pronouns

Point 1: Subject pronouns take the place of a person or person's name.

  1. Sally is a farmer. She works outside.
  2. Bob is a doctor. He works at a hospital.
  3. Bob and Sally are married. They have one child.
  4. They have a house. It is really big.
  5. We like them. You will too!

Point 2: The first person subject pronoun I, and we refer to the speaker. It can be singular (S) or plural (P).

  1. (S) I have a pool.
  2. (S) I swim every day
  3. (P) We love Italian food.
  4. (P) We eat it often.

Point 3: The second person subject pronoun you refers to the listener. It can be singular (S) or plural (P).

  1. (S) You are nice.
  2. (S) You should come.
  3. (P) You (all) can sit down.
  4. (P) You (guys) should come.

Point 4: The third person subject pronoun he, she, it, they refer to a person, people, thing, or things.

  1. I like Bob. He is nice.
  2. I also like Sue. She is funny.
  3. Bob and Sue are married. They have one child.
  4. They have a house. It is really big and nice.
  5. They have two cars. They rarely drive them.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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