English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1 - Lesson 11 of 25

Demonstratives - This, That, These, Those

Read and listen to four conversation using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: Is this your book?
Woman: Yes, that is my book.
Man: And is this your pencil?
Woman: No, that is not my pencil.
Man: Whose pencil is it?
Woman: I am not sure.

Conversation 2

Man: I like these jeans.
Woman: I like those too.
Man: Do you like this shirt?
Woman: No, but I like that shirt?
Man: The blue one?
Woman: No, the green one.
Man: Hmm, I don't like that color.
Woman: Really? I like it!

Conversation 3

Man: How much is this coffee maker?
Woman: That is ten dollars.
Man: And how much are these plates?
Woman: Those are five dollars each.
Man: What about these?
Woman: Those spoons are one dollar each.
Man: I'll take them all.
Woman: Sold!

Demonstrative Pronouns

Point 1: Use this and that for singular nouns. This refers to objects closer to the speaker.

  1. I like this shirt. (close to speaker)
  2. I don't like that shirt. (away from speaker)
  3. Look at that car! (away from speaker)
  4. This bike is nice! (close to speaker)

Point 2: Use these and those for plural nouns. This refers to objects closer to the speaker.

  1. These jeans are too tight!
  2. Try those jeans.
  3. Are these your books?
  4. No, those books over there are my books.

Point 3: Speakers sometimes do not mention the noun if the object is clear.

  1. Do you like this shirt?
  2. Do you like this? (Holding shirt)
  3. What are these items?
  4. What are these?

Point 4: After using demonstratives, we often use pronouns subject/object to reference them.

  1. Do you like these?
  2. Yes, I like them. They are cool.
  3. What is this?
  4. It's a coffee maker. I use it a lot.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


1247 Work from Abroad
A1-11 This, That, These, Those
Is this your book? Yes, that is my book.

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-12 Adjectives (2)
My mom is very hard-working.

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-13 Months
June to September is winter in New Zealand.

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-14 Ordinals
The books are on the fifth floor.

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-15 Telling Time
It starts at 6 o'clock.

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