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Masako is so happy about her new grandchild. She shares her feelings.
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Todd: Masako, I was very surpised to hear that you are actually a grandparent.

Masako: Yes, yes

Todd: You look very young. I was very shocked. Tell me about your grandchild.

Masako: She's a baby. Of course. A baby, a baby girl. And her name is, it's Holly.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Masako: Holly

Todd: Holly

Masako: Holly. H-O-L-L-Y. And in, with Japanese kanji, it's written with the two parts, and one part is the tree, and another part is winter. So she was born in winter. Her name is winter tree.

Todd: Oh, that's nice.

Masako: And it's, her name is "Shuu". It sounds like a boys name, but her parents want to, want her to be a boyish girl.

Todd: Oh, OK. Oh, like a tomboy.

Masako: Yeah, maybe.

Todd: Maybe. Um, so how does it feel to be a grandmother?

Masako: I'm very proud of it. And then I know if I see her, if she's with me, living near to my house, then I forget every other thing and then I'm just very...how do you say? A grand mother who is really occupied with her grandchild.

Todd: Oh, yeah, like just um

Masako: Baba-baka in Japanese.

Todd: Baba-baka....Well congratulations on the grandchild.

Masako: Thank you very much.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!


You look very young. I was very shocked.

If something really surprises you then it 'shocks' you.  Notice the following:

  1. What shocks me the most is that animals can live in this climate.
  2. They were shocked when I told them I was moving to Brazil.

sound like

It sounds like a boy's name.

If a name has a masculine tone or connection to it then it 'sounds like' a boy's name.  To 'sound like' something is to have a similar tone or connection.  Notice the following:

  1. When she laughs she sounds like horse.
  2. What was that?  It sounded like a door opening.


Like a tomboy.

A 'tomboy' is a little girl who acts and maybe dresses like a boy.  Instead of playing with dolls maybe she prefers to be outside and play with rocks.  Notice the following:

  1. Because she had three brothers she has always been a tomboy.
  2. I know you are a little bit of a tomboy and hate to wear dresses.


How does it feel to be a grandmother.

We use the word 'feel' to describe emotional and physical sensations, which are usually a response to something happening in your life.  In this example we can say, "What are the emotions that you have about being a grandmother?"  Notice the following:

  1. You looked very sick yesterday.  Do you feel better today?
  2. How did it feet to graduate from university?


A grandmother who is occupied with her grandchild.

If a grandmother is 'occupied' with her grandchild then she spends time with him and is active in his life.  We also use this word to mean busy.  Notice the following:

  1. Her job occupies most of her time.
  2. Sorry I didn't call you yesterday.  I was very occupied.


Vocabulary Quiz

shocked • sounds like • tomboy
feel • occupied
  1. She is very feminine now, but was quite a when she was younger.
  2. All of their friends were when they broke up.
  3. I wanted to call you the whole week, but I was really at work.
  4. Sometimes my dog cries and a baby.
  5. You must good about getting your promotion.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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