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Favorite Fruit

Selvam talks about his favorite fruit.

Todd: Selvam, what is your favorite food?

Selvam: My favorite fruit is grapes.

Todd: Grapes.

Selvam: Yeah.

Todd: Oh, really!

Selvam: Yes.

Todd: OK. Do you like wine? Do you drink wine?

Selvam: No, no, I don't drink anything, but I like grapes, the taste is very good.

Todd: Do you like...?

Selvam: It's very sweet. That's why I like them.

Todd: Do you like green grapes or purple grapes?

Selvam: Green, Green grapes.

Todd: Green grapes.

Selvam: Yeah.

Todd: OK, are there many grapes around your hometown in India?

Selvam: Yes, yeah. We have, I used to eat everyday grapes, because I like them very much that's.

Todd: OK, actually in my home in America we have many grapes where I live also.

Selvam: Oh.

Todd: Yeah, and how about what is your favorite season?

Selvam: My favorite season is winter.

Todd: Winter.

Selvam: Yeah, because in India, most of the days will be summer. Winter will come for only two months. That's why we love winter season.

Todd: Really?

Selvam: Yeah, it is very summer, very hot. That's why people are very black as a reason.

Todd: You like the cool, cool weather.

Selvam: Yes.

Todd: Oh, nice. I'm the opposite. I like warm weather

Answer these questions about the interview.
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Grapes are sweet, that's why I like them.

A 'sweet' food either has a lot of sugar or tastes like it has a lot of sugar.  For example, cookies, cakes and soda are sweet.  Notice the following:

  1. This cookie is a little too sweet.
  2. He likes to eat something sweet in the afternoon.


Are there many grapes around your hometown?

The place where a person is born or lives for most of his childhood is a 'hometown.'  Notice the following:

  1. How long did you live in your hometown?
  2. We visited Michael Jackson's hometown.


My favorite season is winter.

A 'season' is one of the four periods of the year.  There is winter, spring, summer and fall.  Notice the following:

  1. What is your favorite season?
  2. I prefer summer because it is the season with the longest days.


You like the cool, cool weather.

'Cool' weather is a little bit warmer than cold weather.  In cool weather you would be comfortable in jeans and a light jacket.  Notice the following:

  1. Can you please put this soup in the microwave, it's a little cool.
  2. It was a little cool this morning, but now the weather is perfect.


I'm the opposite. I like warm weather.

The 'opposite' of something is its contrary.  Hot is the opposite of cold, fast is the opposite of slow, up is the opposite of down, etc.  Notice the following:

  1. We are opposites in almost every way.
  2. He always does the opposite of whatever you tell him.


Vocabulary Quiz

sweet • hometown • seasons
opposite • cool
  1. It's always a little in this room at night.
  2. I like to eat bread with my coffee.
  3. We made a mistake and drove the direction of our destination.
  4. It is strange to live in a place where there aren't four .
  5. When he turned 18 he left his forever.

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