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Great Fruit

Lois and Todd talk about some delicious fruit they are eating.

Todd: Hey Lois, why don't you have a plum.

Lois: Oh, thank you very much. Lovely.

Todd: You like plums?

Lois: I love all fruits but plums especially.

Todd: Oh, there goes the water.

Lois: It's very juicy.

Todd: It is juicy. How does it taste?

Lois: It tastes sweet, very refreshing.

Todd: Mm, I love plums.

Lois: Yeah, me too.

Todd: Guess how much this box cost?

Lois: I'm thinking it's probably quite expensive. So in yen, maybe 1,000 yen.

Todd: Yeah, pretty close. It cost 900 yen for 8 plums.

Lois: Very expensive in Japan.

Todd: I know it's crazy. In America you can get this for like maybe 200 yen. Not even that, maybe 100 yen.

Lois: In England it's cheap but probably not as cheap as in America. I think maybe because we have to import everything. It's slightly more expensive.

Todd: Actually, that's a good question. What fruits do you grow in England?

Lois: Apples and Aaples and maybe pears and...

Todd: No coconuts?

Lois: No coconuts. No bananas and maybe we grow plums. I don't know.

Todd: It looks like a very English fruit.

Lois: But definitely apples.

Todd: Or strawberries?

Lois: Strawberries, oh yeah. Lots of strawberries and tomatoes but maybe they're a vegetable some people say fruit. Some people say vegetable. But lots of tomatoes. And I'm sure lots of other things but I just know about apples.

Todd: What's your favorite fruit?

Lois: My favorite fruit.. I really like pineapples and I also like strawberries. Strawberries and cream. It's one of my favorite desserts.

Todd: Yeah, so have you ever been to Wimbledon and had strawberries and cream?

Lois: I haven't. I'd love to go. But strawberries and cream at Wimbledon are so expensive. I don't know how much but really, really expensive.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

very juicy

This plum is very juicy.

We can say that a food that has a lot of liquid in it is 'juicy.' Notice the following:

  1. He doesn't cook his steak for a long time because he likes it very juicy.
  2. These are very juicy pears.


This plum tastes sweet, and is very refreshing.

Something that is 'refreshing' gives you back your energy or makes you feel invigorated. Notice the following:

  1. Lemonade is really refreshing on a hot day.
  2. Sometimes a cold shower feels very refreshing.

pretty close

That's a pretty close guess.

'Pretty close' is the same as almost exact or almost right. Notice the following:

  1. Your answer was pretty close so I gave you some credit.
  2. We are pretty close to the same age.


These eight plums cost 900 yen - it's crazy!

Something that is 'crazy' doesn't make sense or is hard to believe.  Notice the following:

  1. It's crazy that someone would pay that much for a pair of shoes.
  2. Some people take really crazy luxury vacations.


Fruits are slightly more expensive in England because we have to import everything.

If you bring something into your country from another country you are 'importing' it.Notice the following:

  1. It is cheaper to import bananas than to try to grow them here.
  2. Almost all of the apples in Mexico are imported from the United States.

Vocabulary Quiz

very juicy • refreshing • pretty close
crazy • imported
  1. You guessed to my age.
  2. This is special wood, which was from Africa.
  3. It's how much money people spend on beauty products.
  4. The smell of oranges is very .
  5. Try to find some mangoes at the market.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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