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Good Greens

Gabrielle talks about her garden.
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Todd: OK, Gabrielle, you are a vegetarian.

Gabrielle: That's right!

Todd: So, you do not eat meat!

Gabrielle: I don't. No meat, no fish!

Todd: OK, and you said that you have a garden.

Gabrielle: Yeah, I'm lucky to have enough room to have a vegetable garden, as well as a flower garden, so I love growing veggies.

Todd: Oh, nice! Can you tell us about your garden and what you grow and what you eat?

Gabrielle: Sure absolutely! Well, I guess in the summertime, I grow a lot of salad vegetables:
lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and over the winter, whatever grows pretty much, carrots or cabbages, broccoli.

Todd: Wow, you grow vegetables all year round!

Gabrielle: I try. I try. I'm not a great gardener. Yeah, so!

Todd: And what things do you like to make with these vegetable?

Gabrielle: Ah, in the summer time I love just raw vegetables, so salads are great, and I eat them with Tofu or, yeah, vegetables are good. (OK) Yeah in winter soups. I love making soup with fresh veggies.

Todd: Oh, what kind of soup?

Gabrielle: Well, I don't follow recipes actually, so what ever veggies I have go in the pot. Yeah, tomato soup, corn soup's good.

Todd: Sounds good. How do you make soup?I mean what is your procedure?

Gabrielle: OK, well, basically I take whatever vegetables I have, chop them up and cook them, boil them lightly. I like them still crunchy and then I often add a base of some sort, a stock, a veggie stock.

Todd: Now that's normally a problem for vegetarians right, cause you can't use bullion, (Yeah) the beef cube or the chicken cube.

Gabrielle: Sure, at home actually, we have a lot of vegetarian products available so I get some organic veggie stock, or alternatively, I use some spices, some cumin or basil spice, yeah, or sometimes lentils I cook up. Yeah!

Todd: You're making me hungry. Sounds good. Well, thanks a lot, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: No, problem, you're welcome.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

enough room

I'm lucky to have enough room to have a vegetable garden.

When you have 'enough room' it means that you have plenty of space to be comfortable or to do the things that you want.

Notice the following:

  1. Do you have enough room for a swimming pool in your garden?
  2. I think we have enough room for 8 people to sit around and eat dinner.

all year round

Wow, you grow vegetables all year round!

When something is done 'all year round' it means that it happens at all times during the year. The seasons do not stop it from happening.

Notice the following:

  1. I go running all year round. 
  2. The fairground is open all year round


How do you make soup? I mean what is your procedure?

A 'procedure' is the method or the way that you do something.

Notice the following:

1. Make sure you follow the correct procedure.
2. When people start a new job it takes a while for them to learn all the different procedures.


I often add a base of some sort, a stock, a veggie stock.

A 'stock' is a liquid used in cooking, it is added during the cooking process to make the meal tastier.  Vegetable stock is made by cooking vegetables, salt and spices in water for a long time.  Many times stocks are made with meat instead of vegetables.

Notice the following:

  1. I prefer to make my own chicken stock, because what they sell at the store is too salty.
  2. The vegetable stock should keep in the fridge for a few days.


I get some organic veggie stock.

When something is organic it means that it has been made or grown without the use of any artificial or unnatural chemicals.

Notice the following:

  1. I only eat organic foods as I think that they are much better for you.
  2. I grow all of my own organic vegetables in the garden.

Vocabulary Quiz

enough room • year round • procedure
stock • organic
  1. You should ask him about the he uses when he makes his jewelry. It's interesting.
  2. fruits and vegetables have become very popular in recent years.
  3. There isn't in my suitcase for these shoes.
  4. If you feel a little sick you should eat some chicken and rice.
  5. He played soccer from the time he was nine until he was eighteen.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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