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Adjectives - Opposites

Sophie is given a word and says the first word that comes to mind.
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Todd: OK. Sophie, we're going to talk about opposites. OK. What is big?

Sophie: An elephant.

Todd: OK. What is small?

Sophie: A mouse.

Todd: A mouse, OK. Are you afraid of mice?

Sophie: No, not actually.

Todd: OK. What is expensive?

Sophie: A yacht.

Todd: A yacht. Have you ever been on a yacht?

Sophie: Yes, actually I have.

Todd: Oh, really? What was it like?

Sophie: Rough!

Todd: Really? The sea was really rough?

Sophie: Yes. I was sick.

Todd: OK. Oh, that's not fun.

Sophie: No.

Todd: Oh, that's a..that's bad. OK. What is cheap?

Sophie: Cheap is onigiri.

Todd: Onigiri. What is onigiri?

Sophie: Onigiri is the best thing to eat in Japan for lunch.

Todd: Oh, so it's the.. the rice ball.

Sophie: Yeah, the rice triangle.

Todd: Ok, yeah. That's very good. Good stuff. What is heavy?

Sophie: A tractor.

Todd: Yeah, a tractor is heavy. Ooh, it's getting really loud. What is light?

Sophie: A feather.

Todd: A feather.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!


Are you afraid of mice?

A 'mouse' is a small type of rodent which is usually shown eating cheese or being chased by cats. The plural of mouse is mice.

Notice the following:

  1. I have a grey mouse as a pet.
  2. I think mouse traps are very cruel.


No, not actually.

'Actually' means in actual fact. It describes what something is in reality. 'Not actually' can be replaced by 'not really.'

Notice the following:

  1. I really like him actually.
  2. I actually think you will find that you are wrong.


The sea was really rough!

When something is 'rough' it means that it is not smooth and it is bumpy. If the sea is rough it means that there are lots of waves and it is difficult to travel across.

Notice the following:

  1. The road was badly kept and was very rough.
  2. We are expecting storms today so the trip across on the ferry might be a bit rough.


Yes. I was sick.

When you are 'sick' it means that you are not well and maybe you vomit.

Notice the following:

  1. I feel very sick, I have eaten too much cake.
  2. Sarah will not be in school today as she has been sick.


Ooh, it's getting really loud!

When something is 'loud' it means that it is noisy and there are many sounds.

Notice the following:

  1. The neighbors always have their music on really loud.
  2. I like to have the radio on loud in the car when I am driving.

Vocabulary Quiz

mouse • actually • rough
sick • really loud
  1. You didn't tell me that the bus ride was going to be this .
  2. He actually becomes if he tries to eat an olive.
  3. Can you turn down the volume on the TV? It's .
  4. I found a eating the cereal in the kitchen today.
  5. My parents have 4 kids, not three.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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