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Yuri answers Shirley's questions about getting started in painting.
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Shirley: So for somebody who just wants to try painting for the first time, what kind of materials would they need to look for, and what kind of medium should they start with? Should they start with oil painting?

Yuri: Well, I teach oil painting. So with me they will start with oil painting. But it depends. It depends what they feel like. I would suggest to try both.

Shirley: So are the costs the same? So, you know, for a beginner, who wanted to, you know, start with water color, or somebody who wants to learn oil painting with you, what's the difference in the cost of materials?

Yuri: Usually water color much cheaper. So if you want to buy a small set, you just need paper, and a small pen, a set, and a few brushes. So if you are thinking of the economical point of view, go with water colors.

Shirley: And how many little pots of paint would I need to buy to start my first water color?

Yuri: Very few, usually just buy little sets, with sometimes 12 colors, you're done.

Shirley: And for the oil painting, what kind of materials would I need to buy to start as a beginner in oil painting?

Yuri: The problem is that you also need canvases. You need also some material which can be costly, and the colors themselves, they are much more costly than water colors.

Shirley: And what about paint brushes, do I need different kinds of paint brushes, different sizes, or?

Yuri: Of course, yeah, but you want to always, when I start with beginners, I always try also thinking that they might not like it after, and I give them the cheapest set, the easiest set, just to try it out.

Shirley: How many paintbrushes would that consist of then, the most basic set?

Yuri: You can have just 3 to 5.

Shirley: Okay. Thanks, that was really interesting.

Yuri: You're welcome.


Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

too bad

No, that's too bad. Do you like to read?

'Too bad' means that something is a pity or a shame.

Notice the following:

  1. It is too bad that you can't come to the party.
  2. If you can't get enough money together then it is just too bad, you won't be able to come.


Is there a park by your house.

A 'park' is a piece of land that the local government has made into a recreational space. There are parks with play areas for children or parks that are just natural  land.

Notice the following:

  1. I like to take the children to the park on a Sunday morning. 
  2. We have a special part of the park that has been set aside just for dogs.


Not a lot of part-time in my schedule.

A 'schedule' is a list of events and actions that you need to complete in a certain period of time, like a timetable.

Notice the following:

  1. I will need to check my schedule before I can commit to the meeting.
  2. She has a very busy schedule.

hang on

OK. So hang on. We've got to let the car go by here.

'Hang on' means to wait for a short period of time. This is an informal phrase.

Notice the following:

  1. Hang on, I think I have the ticket here.
  2. She is going to hang on and wait for you.


Actually, lots of cars here. Lots of traffic. Is there lot of traffic where you live?

'Traffic' is the movement of people or vehicles in a particular area. When traffic is a problem it means that there are many cars on the road and you can't drive quickly.

Notice the following:

  1. There is so much traffic today.
  2. Every morning I have to fight my way through the morning traffic in order to get to work.

Vocabulary Quiz

too bad • park • schedule
hang on • traffic
  1. My for next week is pretty full already. I have a free hour on Friday.
  2. We are going to go to the to play some basketball.
  3. It's that you aren't going to be here for the holidays this year.
  4. Can you for a second? I have another call.
  5. There was an accident on the highway so coming home was really bad.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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