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Aussie Animals

Marion talks about animals in Australia.

There are many dangerous animals in Australia like the crocodile for example. When I was in Australia I saw many crocodiles when I was in the north and they did look very scary with their big jaws and lots of teeth. It was quite scary. We saw them from a boat, so I felt quite safe.

Another animal that exists in Australia is the spider. There are lots of different kinds of spiders, and lots of different colors. While I was there I saw red spiders, green spiders, yellow spiders, white spiders and also the ordinary brown and black spiders. They were very colorful in Australia.

So there are lots of dangerous animals, but the ones I prefer are the cute animals, like the kangaroo. You see kangaroos all over Australia. There are many, many kangaroos, almost everywhere you go, except for the cities of course. You can see big kangaroos, called red kangaroos, and they are very tall, taller than a person and brown kangaroos and grey kangaroos and then quite small kangaroos which might be brown with black legs for example. They're very cute.

My favorite Australian animal, though, is the koala. The koala only eats leaves from the eucalyptus tree. That's all the koala eats all day, so it doesn't have very much energy, as you can imagine, because it only eats leaves. So most of the times you see a koala, they are very quiet and they look a bit lazy, but I think they're really, really cute and one time when I was in Australia I had the chance to hold a koala, so that was a great experience for me and the koala feels quite soft but its hair is quite hard at the same time but my little koala was really, really cute.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

dangerous animals

There are many dangerous animals in Australia, like the crocodile.

'Dangerous animals' are animals that can easily hurt other animals or humans. Many times dangerous animals are aggressive or violent. Notice the following:

  1. Many people in the mountains have guns to protect themselves from dangerous animals.
  2. This area has many dangerous animals.

felt quite safe

It was quite scary, but we saw them from a boat, so I felt quite safe.

If you feel 'quite safe' in a place it means that you think that you are not in a dangerous situation and won't be hurt. Notice the following:

  1. The guide makes everyone feel quite safe before the tour begins.
  2. Even though I live in a small cabin without locks I feel quite safe.

almost everywhere you go

There are many, many kangaroos, almost everywhere you go.

If you can see something 'almost everywhere you go' it means that it is really common and is every area. Notice the following:

  1. In Italy, almost everywhere you go you can find delicious coffee.
  2. You will be able to use your credit card almost everywhere you go.

eucalyptus tree

The koala only eats leaves from the eucalyptus tree.

A 'eucalyptus' tree is a type of tree that is native to Australia. Its leaves have a distinct smell and have oil used for medicine. Notice the following:

  1. This lotion is made with oil from a eucalyptus tree.
  2. There is a huge eucalyptus tree in the backyard.

doesn't have very much energy

That's all the koala eats all day, so it doesn't have very much energy.

If something 'doesn't have very much energy' it means that it doesn't have strength or desire to move around very much. Notice the following:

  1. Most people don't have very much energy when they are sick.
  2. After work on Friday I usually don't have very much energy.

Vocabulary Quiz

dangerous • quite safe • everywhere
eucalyptus • energy
  1. The smell of trees reminds me of Australia.
  2. I can promise you that all of these taxis are .
  3. I've eaten almost nothing today and I don't have much .
  4. It is very important that you stay in the car at all times because there are many animals in these parts.
  5. You can find vegetarian options in the restaurants almost you go.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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