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20 Questions

Senem and Brett play the game 20 Questions.

Senum: Hey, Brett, how are you?
Brett: Pretty good, how are you?
Senum: Good, thank you.
Brett: Hey, do you want to play a game?
Senum: Sure. What sort of game?
Brett: Let's play 20 questions.
Senum: OK, go ahead.
Brett: OK, who am I thinking about?
Senum: Man? Is it a male?
Brett: Yes, it's a male.
Senum: Is he an actor?
Brett: Yes, he's an actor.
Senum: Does he have short hair?
Brett: Yes, he has short hair.
Senum: Right. Is he famous?
Brett: Yes, he's famous.
Senum: Does he have blue eyes?
Brett: Yes.
Senum: He does have blue eyes?
Brett: No, he has...
Senum: He doesn't have blue eyes?
Brett: No, he doesn't have blue eyes.
Senum: Does he have brown eyes?
Brett: Yes.
Senum: Is he short?
Brett: No.
Senum: Is he in the Ocean's 12?
Brett: Yes.
Senum: He is!
Brett: Yes.
Senum: OK. Is he married, currently?
Brett: NO.
Senum: He isn't married?
Brett: No.
Senum: OK. Is he tall?
Brett: Yes.
Senum: OK. Is he George Clooney?
Brett: Yes.

Senum: Great. OK, my turn now. Who am I think about it?
Brett: Is he a male?
Senum: Yes.
Brett: Is he an actor?
Senum: No.
Brett: Is he a singer?
Senum: No.
Brett: Is he a politician?
Senum: Yes.
Brett: Does he have white hair?
Senum: Yes.
Brett: Yes. Is he American?
Senum: No.
Brett: Is he British?
Senum: No.
Brett: Is he Australian?
Senum: Yes.
Brett: Is he your Prime Minister?
Senum: He is.
Brett: Is he John Howard?
Senum: Yes, he is. Well done.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

thinking about

Who am I thinking about?

If you are 'thinking about something,' you are actively focusing on it inside your head or you are considering it as a possibility. Notice the following:

  1. I was thinking about going to the cinema tomorrow.  Do you want to come?
  2. He could tell she was thinking about something that happened in the past.

married currently

Is he married, currently?

If somebody is 'married currently,' she is married right now.  Notice the following:

  1. He is married currently, but he is getting a divorce.
  2. She isn't currently married, but she has a serious boyfriend.

my turn

My turn now. Who am I thinking about?

When you are playing a game and it is your opportunity to make a move, then it is 'your turn.'  Notice the following:

  1. You lost your turn, because you were talking on the telephone.
  2. When it was his turn to greet her, he kissed her on the mouth.


Is he a politician?

A person involved in politics is a 'politician.'  Notice the following:

  1. Many people don't trust politicians.
  2. The politician is traveling around the country, making speeches.

well done

Yes, he is. Well done.

'Well done' is another way of saying 'good job.'  Notice the following:

  1. Well done in the soccer game today.  You scored the winning goal.
  2. Well done on your exam!

Vocabulary Quiz

thinking • currently • my turn
politician • well done
  1. Hey, give me that toy, it is .
  2. I'm about a number between 1 and 10 .
  3. What are you doing ?
  4. I think you sang that beautifully, !
  5. I definitely did not vote for that .
Answer these questions about the interview.

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