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How to Look Sexy

Jeyong gives fashion tips for a night club.

Todd: So, Jeyong, you like to go to night clubs. When you go to a night club, what do kids wear these days? Like what makes you look cool in a night club or how should you dress?

Jeyong: These days being sexy is what kids prefer, and by saying sexy, wearing a tank top, and a top that shows a lot of your skin.

Todd: OK, a lot of skin. So tank tops. What about a guy? What would a guy wear for a shirt?

Jeyong: A guy would be wearing casual hip-hop pants, and maybe a polo shirt.

Todd: A polo shirt.

Jeyong: Or a top.

Todd: Like just a t-shirt.

Jeyong: T-shirt.

Todd: OK, now for a, would a girl wear hip-hop pants?

Jeyong: No, girls wear also sexy clothes, maybe short skirts or comfortable jeans with high heels.

Todd: High heels! Now aren't high heels hard to dance in?

Jeyong: They are actually, but then it looks better with high heels on. They look taller.

Todd: OK, what do the guys wear? Obviously they don't wear high heels.

Jeyong: No. Guys wear sneakers.

Todd: Ah, sneakers. OK. Now do you wear anytime of jewelry or anything? Do you wear necklaces or?

Jeyong: I personally don't wear a necklaces but earrings. Big hoops. Silver ones. Those look really pretty at the clubs because it kind of shines, and make-up is really important, too.

Todd: Really! OK.

Jeyong: Like for eyelashes, you want to have a really strong look for your eyes, and maybe lip-gloss, would look good on too.

Todd: Now, do the men wear make-up these days?

Jeyong: No, but then perfume would be a nice thing to put on guys.

Todd: OK. Now you said you want to look sexy, right, but you're 19, so when you go to the night club, can you leave your house looking like that, or is that something you have to hide from your parents?

Jeyong: First, of all I don't go to night clubs that often because I'm not a party-party girl, but then I like dancing so I only went to club once when I was in Korea and I actually told my parents the truth that I am going to a party at a club so it was alright for me to wear sexy clothes and then leave home.

Todd: Ah, that's good, you have very supportive parents. OK, well thanks.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


A guy would be wearing casual hip-hop pants, and maybe a polo shirt.

If something is not formal than it is 'casual' and relaxed.  This can be used to refer to style of dress, a party, a meeting, etc. Notice the following:

  1. The office has a casual dress code, but you can't wear pajamas.
  2. You need to change your shirt, that one is too casual.


No. Guys wear sneakers.

'Sneakers' are athletic or street shoes.  They usually have laces and rubber bottoms.  Notice the following:

  1. Please bring sneakers for gym class.
  2. I forgot my sneakers at home, so I couldn't go to the gym.

hide from

Is that something you have to hide from your parents?

If you 'hide something from someone,' you keep it a secret.  Notice the following:

  1. I want you to be honest with me.  You don't have to hide anything.
  2. She hid her tattoo from her parents for three weeks.

tell the truth

I actually told my parents the truth that I am going to a party at a club.

If you 'tell the truth,' then you give the honest answer to a question.  Notice the following:

  1. She always tells the truth about everything.
  2. His parents could see that he wasn't telling the truth.


You have very supportive parents.

If you encourage someone, whether she is experiencing something easy or difficult, then you are being a 'supportive' friend.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm trying to change my life.  Please be supportive.
  2. His parents were very supportive of his dream to become an actor.

Vocabulary Quiz

casual • sneakers • hide
tell the truth • supportive
  1. The dress code at work is on Fridays.
  2. My parents are of what I do.
  3. Well, to , I don't know the answer.
  4. Teens often things from their parents.
  5. How do you like my new ?
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