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Part-Time Job

Greg talks about the various part-time jobs he had growing up as a kid.

Todd: Hey, so, Greg, growing up in the states, did you have any part-time jobs like in high school and stuff?

Greg: Oh, I've had part-time jobs ever since I was a child.

Todd: Right, me too.

Greg: My first actually, I used to work for the American Seed Company. Do you know that?

Todd: I can imagine. No. I mean it's just a seed company, right.

Greg: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I actually wasn't paid in money. They would send me flower seeds, and vegetable seeds and then I would go door-to-door, I would knock on people's doors, "Excuse me, I'm with the American Seed Company, would you like to buy some seeds?", and people would see this, I was probably ten or nine at the time, this young kid trying to sell seeds, and you know they would buy a couple packs, and if I sold, say twenty packs of seeds, then I could choose from a list of toys or things (Whoa) soccer ball, or a dart board, and so I sold a lot of seeds. I liked it.

Todd: How old were you?

Greg: I was maybe nine or ten then. (Really) and another thing I would do, around Christmas time, you know America is the tradition of putting mistletoe up on the roof for Christmas, well I would climb trees, cut the mistletoe and then again I would walk door-to-door and say,"Would you like to buy some mistletoe?"

Todd: You were quite the entrepreneur. The young businessman. (Yes) Did you make a lot of money with that job?

Greg: For me it felt like a lot of money at that time.

Todd: Right, well, I got to ask, did you ever work at a fast-food company, like McDonalds or Wendy's?

Greg: I've never worked at a fast-food company.

Todd: Oh, I did. It's the worst job ever. It's terrible.

Greg: Did you get to eat free food though?

Todd: Ah, I did, actually, that was the big allure of the job, like I won't say the name of the company, but I worked for a major, major fast food chain around the world, and I thought, oh, I can eat all the hamburgers I want.

Greg: You probably got sick of eating hamburgers.

Todd: No, are you kidding, I was 15, I didn't care like the more hamburgers the better, and uh, then actually I lost the job because I lied about my age and they fired me, but yeah, I wanted a job, I was like 13 or 14 or something like that. So how about, did you ever do the paperboy job?

Greg: Yes. Yes. For a couple of years I delivered newspapers in the morning.

Todd: Right. How early did you have to get up to deliver the papers?

Greg: I don't remember, maybe around 6 o'clock. (Right) It's amazing I did that cause I hate waking up early now.

Todd: Right, yeah, yeah. That job's the worst just cause of the weather, like you have to do it in the rain. I was the paperboy too, and in the rain, it's just awful. You have the big plastic bags and, and you're out there throwing the papers, and yeah, it's not a fun job.

Greg: Yeah, and sometimes dogs chase you.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

go door-to-door

I would go door-to-door and knock on people's doors.

When you go from one house, to another, and then another, you are 'going from door-to-door.' Notice the following:

  1. We had to go door-to-door to sell cookies for our group.
  2. They went door-to-door looking for her dog.

a pack

People would buy a couple packs of the seeds I was selling.

Here, a 'pack' refers to a packet or a small sealed envelope with something inside. Notice the following:

  1. Can you buy me a pack of cookies at the store?
  2. I can't believe you just ate a whole pack of crackers in 5 minutes.


Putting mistletoe up on the roof for Christmas is an American tradition.

'Mistletoe' is a plant with green leaves and red berries that is hung above a doorway at Christmas time. When two people are underneath the mistletoe, they have to kiss. Notice the following:

  1. You can tell these are Christmas decorations because of the mistletoe.
  2. Hang some mistletoe above the front door.


You were quite the entrepreneur, the young businessman.

An 'entrepreneur' is a person who is interested in business and making money. We especially use this word to refer to someone who has new ideas or takes business risks. Notice the following:

  1. He was an entrepreneur and made a lot of money when he was very young.
  2. The entrepreneur started the company.


The big allure of the job was the free food.

Here, 'allure' is used as a noun and is similar to 'attraction,' referring to why something is desirable. Notice the following:

  1. I don't understand the allure of buying designer clothes.
  2. She has some kind of special allure that makes almost all men crazy about her.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

door-to-door • pack • mistletoe
entrepreneur • allure
  1. He smokes a of cigarettes every day.
  2. Paris has a special for many people.
  3. The businessman went asking people to invest in his cleaning products.
  4. Being a natural , he is very good at getting his ideas into production.
  5. We should buy to put up around the house.


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