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Last Stop - Cancun

Shuan talks about the his time in Cancun, Mexico and his unplanned adventure.

Todd: So, Shuan, you talked about being on a cruise and going to Key West. Were there any other places that you remember that were really good on your trip?

Shuan: Yeah, we ended up in Cancun for two days, and I have a really interesting story that I probably shouldn't tell, but I will anyway. Well, the first day it was just normal, pretty much shopping and we checked out the local sites and stuff and went to a Mayan, an old Mayan temple (nice) and it was kind of scary. They told us that they had human sacrifices and everything there so.

Todd: Ooh, gory.

Shuan: It was kind of creepy but.
On the second day, we went snorkeling and we lost track of time. The bus dropped us off at around 12 o'clock and we were supposed to meet back at the bus at around 4 o'clock. Unfortunately for me and my friend, we didn't have watches, so we went snorkeling, and while we were snorkeling we found these underwater tunnels which were just filled with fish and coral and we basically lost track of time and we went swimming through all of them, and, or yeah, another story about that is we actually saw a sea lion.

Todd: Oh, really.

Shuan: A sea lion, yeah. It just came right up next to us so we added that and.

Todd: It let you touch it?

Shuan: It let us touch it, yeah.

Todd: That is cool.

Shuan: We swam around with the sea lion for a little bit. And then we headed back, cause we thought it was around 3 o'clock, but unfortunately it was 4:30 and the bus had already left.

Todd: Oh, no.

Shuan: So we had to rent a taxi, and I would say that taxi drivers in Mexico are probably the most dangerous taxi drivers ever. On the way back, I noticed that his speedometer wasn't working, and we must have been going around a 130 kilometers per hour down this road. It was only a two lane road. One way for one-way traffic, and one way for the other way traffic, but he was driving on the shoulder of the lane we wanted to get on so he was passing trucks and cars and motorbikes, just all on the shoulder and he basically drove 130 kilometers per hour, right down the side of the road.

Shuan: And we got to the ferry terminal where we were supposed to catch the ferry back to the cruise ship, or back to another island which the cruise ship was parked at we actually missed the ferry by three minutes.

Todd: Oh!

Shuan: Yeah, so they told us that the next ferry would be three hours later and we just couldn't afford to wait because our ship was going to leave, so we couldn't think of anything else but to charter an airplane. So this is all on my dad's credit card, mind you, so we chartered an airplane and we flew to the island which was about a ten minutes flight, not that long, but it ended up costing us 500 U.S. dollars

Todd: Oh, man.

Shuan: And that was just to get back to the cruise ship, and it was just the worst time I've ever spent there.

Todd: Oh, man, what a story. Well, what did you dad say about the credit card bill?

Shuan: Um, I got billed for it a few months later.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

I shouldn't ... , but I will anyway

I have a really interesting story that I probably shouldn't tell, but I will anyway.

You can use this phrase when you know something is a bad idea, but you are going to do it anyway. Notice the following:

  1. He shouldn't buy another car, but he will anyway.
  2. I shouldn't eat another cookie, but I will anyway.

check out

We checked out the local sites and went to an old temple.

Here, 'check out' means explore or look at something. Notice the following:

  1. Did you check out the nature park when you were there?
  2. I want to check out the art museum before we leave.

human sacrifice

They told us that they had human sacrifices in that temple.

'Human sacrifices' are humans that were killed in rituals, usually to make gods happy. Notice the following:

  1. The Spanish explorers had big problems because the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice.
  2. Archaeologists have found bones from a number of human sacrifices in this area.


That stuff about offering human sacrifices, it was kind of creepy.

When something is 'creepy' it makes you feel nervous or afraid. Notice the following:

  1. The way that old man is looking at you is really creepy.
  2. This dark part of the city feels a little creepy to me.

lose track of time

We had so much fun snorkeling that we lost track of time.

When you don't know how much time has passed, you can say that you've 'lost track of time.' Notice the following:

  1. Sorry we're late. We lost track of time shopping.
  2. It is easy to lose track of time when I'm with my friends.

head back

And then we headed back,

When you head back to someplace, you return to it. Head back, go back and return have the same meaning. Notice the following:

  1. It's late. Let's head back home.
  2. When you are going to head back?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

anyway • check out • sacrifice
creepy • lose track
  1. Old buildings can be kind of if you are there alone.
  2. I shouldn't buy these jeans, but I will .
  3. Make sure to wear a watch, so you don't of time.
  4. Most of the places that I would like to there are in the jungles.
  5. This was the part of the temple where they did human .

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