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Hawaii Travel Tips

Mitchell give vacation ideas for people going to Hawaii on holiday.

Joel: So if I was going to take a trip to Hawaii, what do you recommend? Which I island should I go to? What should I see?

Mitchell: First you have to have a goal in mind. Like what are you there for.

Joel: Maybe outdoor. Outdoor sports. Yeah, food.

Mitchell: I would have to say, first if you want to go, go to Ohau because it's the most populated and has the most things to do (OK) like for a two-week vacation I would say, first you go to Waikiki, the town side where the most action is, and it's the most expensive, it's where all the hotels are, but stay there for a couple of days, and get out. Go to a more natural areas where the beaches are nicer, you know, more of the local culture, you see what real life is about.

Joel: It's not so much about tourism, but the real hawaiian life.

Mitchell: Yeah, the real Hawaiian life.

Joel: Isn't Waikiki where many Japanese...

Mitchell: Waikiki is where all the Japanese go. And it's a nice place because it real built up nice. There's a lot of things to do, clubs, bars, you know, hotels, restaurants, but there's also nice beaches. Right in Waikiki is called Daimond Head, where it's the most, it used to be a volcano, but now it's inactive, and you can do a nice hike up Diamond Head and see the island from the top.

Joel: There's actually active volcanoes in Hawaii, aren't there?

Mitchell: Yeah, it called Kilauea

Joel: Kilauea, oh, there's only one?

Mitchell: Two, two volcanoes but Kilauea is the most active volcanoe in the world. It's always flowing, for example you get within fifty yards of lava flowing right in front of your eyes.

Joel: And can you feel the heat?

Mitchell: Oh, definitely. That's why they give, they say you can only go so close to the lava because it's really hot.

Joel: So it would be actually dangerous?

Mitchell: Yeah, and they say the gas emmisions from the volcano is also dangerous.

Joel: And I'm curious. Since Hawaii is such a tourist destination, what is the attitude of the local people towards tourists. Do you welcome them or sometimes, oh, I wish these people would get out of our country, you know, get off our island. Leave us alone.

Mitchell: Yeah, I think some of the local people do feel that way towards foreigners. They feel like they're taking over the island, for example, you know, or like for example, the white people are taking over our island they say, you know. There is that stereotype, but without tourism right now, Hawaii would not survive, cause it's our bread and butter money-maker you know.

Joel: I see.

Mitchell: But at the same time, culture is bringing our culture back I think because people are practicing more dances, cultural traditions because tourists want to see that, so at the same time I think there is a stereotype but also there's not

Joel: Right. Alright, thanks a lot, Mitchell.

Mitchell: Thank you.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

have a goal in mind

If you're going to take a trip to Hawaii, first you have to have a goal in mind.

When you 'have a goal in mind,' you have some idea about what you want to do or accomplish. Notice the following:

  1. Before you start another project, you need to have a goal in mind.
  2. Do you have a goal in mind for how much money you want to make this summer?

where the action is

The town side is where the most action is.

A place 'where the action is' has people and activities going on. It is lively. Notice the following:

  1. He knows all the parties. He is always where the action is.
  2. We don't live in the part of the city where all the action is.

built up nice

Waikiki is a really nice place because it's built up nice.

Here, 'built up nice' refers to the fact that a place has been developed in a good way. Notice the following:

  1. There is pressure from the locals to build the area up nice so the tourists come.
  2. In the last 10 years, this little beach town has been built up nice, so it still has its old charm


Diamond Head used to be a volcano, but now it's inactive.

Something that is 'inactive' does not do anything now. Notice the following:

  1. That volcano has been inactive for about 100 years.
  2. The town is safe as the volcano next to it is inactive.

fifty yards

You can get within fifty yards of lava flowing from the Kilauea.

'Fifty yards' is a distance. It is about 150 feet or 45.72 meters. Notice the following:

  1. Do you think you can throw this ball fifty yards?
  2. The running race for the 3-year-olds will only be fifty yards.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

goal • action is • build
inactive • fifty yards
  1. The city has worked hard to the area up nice after the storm.
  2. Before I start making a plan, I need to know what you have in mind.
  3. He grew up in a big city, so he prefers to be where the .
  4. There is about between our house and our neighbors house.
  5. If you like hiking, there are many volcanoes in the area to explore.

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