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Birthday Party

Kara just had a birthday party. She talks about the party and the gifts she received.

Lupe: So, Kara, how did you like your birthday party last night?

Kara: I had a great time. It was the first time probably I had a birthday party like that with all my family and friends in probably about ten years.

Lupe: Yeah, because since I met you, I've never been to a birthday party. I mean, we've gotten together, gone to restaurants, had a few drinks, but we've never really had a party for you.

Kara: I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have everybody out for it. Good food and good company.

Lupe: Yeah, really good food. That guacamole was the best.

Kara: Who made that - your mom?

Lupe: No, actually it was me.

Kara: It was you.

Lupe: Yeah, my own recipe and I know that everybody really liked it, even if nobody believed that I made it.

Kara: Yeah, I don't think you look like the cooking type.

Lupe: I'm not the cooking type but I did make guacamole.

Kara: Well, Bravo.

Lupe: Did you like your presents?

Kara: I loved my presents.

Lupe: What was your favorite?

Kara: My favorite? Well, the thing I needed the most was the screen I got to.

Lupe: That was beautiful.

Kara: Make my makeshift closet. And my second favorite of course, because I'm a shoe girl, would be the shoes you got me - the leopard high-heels.

Lupe: Yeah, I was really hoping you would like because I really wanted to get those for myself and for sure they didn't have them in my size so I just decided to get them for you.

Kara: And the purse I got last night from you, I'm wearing today.

Lupe: Oh, I'm so glad. I was hoping you would have enough stuff to match with it, cause you know, you don't have that much clothes or that many shoes.

Kara: Very funny, Lupe. Very funny.

Lupe: Only half your room is filled with them.

Kara: Well, you know. What can I say. It's a habit. You're one to talk with your one hundred-fifty, two hundred pairs of shoes.

Lupe: I think you do beat me with the count of shoes, Kara. I think you have a few more.

Kara: Mm, I doubt it.

Lupe: I think you are at the two hundred by now.

Kara: Well, not there. I counted the other day. I only had about eighty.

Lupe: Yeah, well you can always just use another pair, right.

Kara: Right, well now I can fit eighty-one.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

I'm not the cooking type


I'm not the cooking type, but I did make guacamole.

When you are 'not the cooking type,' it means that you do not take pleasure from preparing food.

Notice the following:

  1. I'm not the cooking type. I much prefer other people to cook for me!
  2. She is not the cooking type, so I always prepare the meals in our house.

makeshift closet


The thing I needed the most was the screen I got to make my makeshift closet.

A 'makeshift closest' is a temporary place to put your clothes. Anything that is 'makeshift' serves a specific purpose but is not the most effective way of doing something. It is usually a temporary solution.

Notice the following:

  1. Do you think you could make me a makeshift closet, as I have nowhere to put my clothes?
  2. I am still using the makeshift closet that I had when I moved in.

very funny


Kara thinks it's very funny.

When something is 'very funny,' is means that it is highly amusing and probably makes you laugh.

Notice the following:

  1. I find the old fashioned comedies very funny.
  2. He is a very funny man. we always have lots of laughs when we go round to his house.

what can I say


What can I say. It's a habit.

'What can I say' is an informal phrase that means 'I can't justify it.'

Notice the following:

  1. What can I say; I love sugary food!
  2. I don't like cooking. What can i say?

you're one to talk


You're one to talk with your one hundred-fifty, two hundred pairs of shoes.

'You're one to talk' is a friendly, but defensive, comment you can use when you think the person you are talking to is being hypocritical. We usually use this when the person is tell us that we are doing something wrong in our life, but he does the same thing in his.

Notice the following:

  1. You're one to talk. You always leave the lights on when you leave a room.
  2. You're one to talk; you never cook!

Vocabulary Quiz

nights • interactive TV • hook up
moving • grey
  1. The whole process took a long time to get started, but now things are really fast.
  2. Sitting around is something I want to do when I'm old and , not right now when I'm young and healthy.
  3. is a good way to keep people involved and entertained.
  4. You should your iPod to the speakers so we can listen to your music.
  5. It rained really hard here a few ago.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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