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Used Computer

Mark considers buying one of Todd's older computers.

Todd: Hey, Mark, I heard that you might be interested in buying a computer.

Mark: That's right. Yeah, I'm interested in buying a Mac computer because I've never used Mac before.

Todd: Well, that is actually perfect because I have two MacIntosh laptops and I'm selling one of them.

Mark: You're kidding.

Todd: Yeah.

Mark: How much?

Todd: Well, I'll sell it to you for 20,000 Japanese yen, so that's almost 200 dollars. That's a pretty good deal. But there's a problem with it.

Mark: What's the problem?

Todd: The problem is the disc drive is broken, so sometimes if you put a DVD into the disc drive it doesn't work.

Mark: OK.

Todd: Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Mark: Well, that's not too bad because I have another computer that I can watch DVD's on.

Todd: OK.

Mark: How long have you had it?

Todd: I've had it for about three years, and it works great, like it's great for the internet. It's great for lots of things. I just unfortunately accidentally broke the DVD because I had a problem. I couldn't get a DVD out and I foolishly tried to get it out the wrong way, so but it still works. There is one other problem. It has a power cord and I lost the original power cord for it.

Mark: Right, OK, so I need to buy a new power cord.

Todd: You need to buy a new one.

Mark: And how much will that set me back?

Todd: That will probably cost you about 6,000 yen.

Mark: 6,000 yen.

Todd: Yeah, so it's not too bad.

Mark: So that new Mac that you got over there, how much was that new?

Todd: If you buy it new, well this is an older edition, but now they're about 100,000 yen. They're actually quite a good deal. That's why I'm selling it so cheap because you can buy a new Mac for pretty cheap.

Mark: Right. OK. Sounds a good deal. Can I build websites on that one?

Todd: Yeah. You can pretty much do anything. It has a lot of capabilities. It's very easy, and if you like the TV show the Sopranos, I'll throw in a bunch of DVD's as well.

Mark: Really.

Todd: So you can watch them for free.

Mark: Right, so 20,000 yen and how many DVD's?

Todd: Well, there is a set of four so there's probably, I don't know, there's four DVD's but there's probably 18 episodes of the show the Sopranos.

Mark: Right.

Todd: It's a good show.

Mark: OK. That sounds like we may have a deal.

Todd: Cool.

Mark: Yeah. Let me talk to the girlfriend about it. See if she wants to buy a Mac because it's her money, too. Maybe I need to borrow some money off her.

Todd: OK.

Mark: And then we can do the deal.

Todd: OK, sounds good. Alright, thanks Mark.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

that is actually perfect


That is actually perfect, because I have two MacIntosh laptops and I'm selling one of them.

'That is actually perfect' means that something has no flaws or it works out really well with how your life is going.

Notice the following:

  1. That is actually perfect; I'll come by your house after work.
  2. That is actually perfect; I would love to come with you, as I can't drive.



I just unfortunately accidentally broke the DVD because I had a problem.

To do something 'accidentally' means that you did it by mistake or did not intentionally do it.

Notice the following:

  1. I accidentally broke the glass when I was washing the dishes.
  2. She says that she did not mean to lose the keys and that she did it accidentally.



I couldn't get a DVD out and I foolishly tried to get it out the wrong way.

If you do something 'foolishly,' you do it in a way that is not very intelligent because you don't any better or because you do it without thinking.

Notice the following:

  1. I foolishly tried to get the dish out the oven without using oven gloves.
  2. She foolishly told her friends, and soon the whole school knew her secret.

set me back


How much will that set me back?

When you ask someone how much something will 'set you back,' you are informally asking how much it will cost. This form of the question is used mostly between friends.

Notice the following:

  1. Financially, how much to you think that will set the company back?
  2. He thinks the new paintwork will set me back around a week's wages.

we may have a deal


That sounds like we may have a deal.

'We may have a deal' means that you and someone else might be able to agree on a type of exchange. You can say 'we have a deal' when you agree with the price or conditions that someone suggests to sell you a service or an item. 

Notice the following:

  1. If you can give me a few days to think about it, then we may have a deal.
  2. If you can add a free laptop bag into the price, then I think we may have a deal.

Vocabulary Quiz

perfect • accidentally • foolishly
set me back • deal
  1. She knocked the plate off the table and it.
  2. That's actually to go to lunch on Wednesday, because I'll be in the area.
  3. I had to get new glasses last week, so that about $400.
  4. If you can lower the price by $10 more, then we may have a .
  5. He tried to drive home after he'd had a couple beers.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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