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Melissa talks about what ads influence her.

Todd: So, Melissa, this week we're talking about buying things. Now, in terms of shopping, are you one those people that are like a shop-o-holic? You buy things you don't need?

Melissa: Yes, but recently I've been trying to veer away from that habit.

Todd: So, what influences you most to buy something? Is it like commercials or is just impulse?

Melissa: I think it's kind of just having the money and feeling like I deserve it.

Todd: So, it's a reward?

Melissa: Yeah, it's always a reward for something.

Todd: Well, how about ... how persuaded are you to buy something by commercials or advertising or things like that?

Melissa: Defintely food commercials persuade me to buy it. Like I'll see a food commercial or even a picture of deliciously looking food and I'll want to have it, so I have two or three concrete examples over just the past month where I saw an ad for food and I went and bought it.

Todd: Oh, really. Like what did you buy?

Melissa: One was hot Hotto-Motto. It was like a kind of fast food chain and they were selling a fried chicken on rice that looked really good, and the other was a McDonald's Cinnamon Role.

Todd: And you saw it and you're like, I gotta have it.

Melissa: Yeah, and like one weird thing happened. I just say a red and yellow sign and it reminded me of Wendy's and then I was craving a chocolate milkshake ...frosty ... so I went somewhere else and bought it.

Todd: And you got it?

Melissa: Yeah.


Learn Vocabulary from the lesson



Melissa is a shop-a-holic.

A shop-o-holic is someone who shops too much. Notice the following.

  1. In college I was a shop-o-holic. Now I save money.
  2. My dad's a work-o-holic. He's at the office 7 days a week.

veer away


She's trying to veer away from the habit.

When we veer away from a habit, we stop doing it. Notice the samples.

  1. After college, she began to veer away from shopping.
  2. In high school, I veered away from pop. Now, I listen to rock.

concrete examples


Let me give you two or three concrete examples.

A concrete example is one that's very clear. Here are two samples.

  1. He couldn't give a concrete example of why the plan wouldn't work.
  2. In my opinion, the current economic crisis is a concrete example of the need for financial regulation.

fast food chain


It was like a fast food chain.

In this case, a chain means many restaurants of the same name. Notice the samples.

  1. McDonald's is probably the best known fast food chain.
  2. 7-11 is the largest convenience store chain in the world.

weird thing


One weird thing happened yesterday.

Weird is similar in meaning to strange. Here are some samples.

  1. It's a weird thing to see a rainbow twice the same day.
  2. It's weird that she acted like she didn't know you.



I was craving a chocolate milkshake.

When we crave something, we really want to have it now. Notice the following.

  1. I have a craving for a Big Mac.
  2. As I got older, I lost my craving for sweets.

Vocabulary Quiz

 shop-o-holic • veer away • concrete examples • weird • craving
  1. It was really that the streetlight turned off when I walked past.
  2. I am really Italian food tonight.  Can we make pasta?
  3. She's kind of a .  She needs to have the latest fashion.
  4. He is trying to from watching so much television.
  5. They wanted to fire him, but they didn't have any of bad performance.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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