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Mexico City

Katia talks to Enam about the biggest city in Mexico.

Enam: Oh, Katia, you're from Mexico right?

Katia: Right.

Enam: I want to know about the Mexico City? Can you tell me about it? How is Mexico City in terms of real estate, landscape?

Katia: Well, Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world and it's in a valley, so it actually had to stop growing even though it has a big population, but basically there was no room. It was surrounded by mountains so the actual structure of the city is not very well designed but however we can all fit there and somewhat live comfortably.

Enam: What about the people there?

Katia: What do you mean, what about the people?

Enam: Like how are they? Are they cordial enough?

Katia: Well, I think in every big city there's always a tendency to have some kind of survival skills. When there's a lot of people, you have to make sure you're the first one to get in the bus, the first one in line, so there's a little bit of that feeling. However, everybody's, most everyone is kind and they will be helpful, so there's all kinds of people. It's a big city so it's very hard to say.

Enam: Really, tell me about the transportation system?

Katia: Transportation system? Well, we have a Metro. We have bus, taxis, but it is quite bad. It's too many people in a small space, so yes you can get around but it's better to live close to your work and just move in one particular area otherwise it will take you a long, long time to get from one place to another.

Enam: Really, that's common like to our place. And do you enjoy shopping in Mexico City?

Katia: Ah, shopping! There's a lot of shopping in Mexico City, especially for the last few years. Big Malls have been constructed and especially the young generation like shopping and inside the shopping malls there's always movie theaters, so shopping is very, very popular in Mexico City.

Enam: Really. Do you go to theaters more often, like in Mexico City?

Katia: Actually, it's a part of the culture. Every weekend, movie theater, or a theater ... you go to a theater to watch a show so it's very common. That's part of the culture of the Mexicans in Mexico City. There's always things to see.

Enam: Is there any difference between the food you eat in Mexico City like commonly, and the food you like outside the city?

Katia: Well, definitely yes. Mexico City is so big, and the people that live in Mexico City came from the rural areas or other cities from Mexico City so in regards to food, variety is wide. There's many things ... that I go back to Mexico City and there's always something new that I haven't tried, so it's very interesting the food, and it also ... we have food that backs to the Mayas or the Aztecs time that Mexicans have been able to keep it and we still eat it.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson

in terms of


Prices are increasing in terms of real estate.

When we talk about a big topic like Mexico City, that includes many smaller topics like size, food, culture, transportation, etc.  We use the phrase 'in terms of ' to focus on the part we want. Note the following:

  1. Bangkok in terms of food and culture is amazing.
  2. Bangkok in terms of transportation is not so good. The traffic is terrible.

a tendency


There's always a tendency to over eat on holiday.

'A tendency' is what people usually do in a situation. Here are two samples:

  1. I have a tendency to wait until the night before an exam to study.
  2. In western countries, there's always a tendency to overeat during the holiday season.

hard to say


It's very hard to say.

When we're not sure about something and we need to guess, we use the phrase 'it's hard to say'. Notice the samples:

  1. It's hard to say but it looks like the economy will finally improve this year.
  2. Chelsea looks set to win the Premier League this year, but it's hard to say.

rural areas


They are found in the rural areas.

Rural areas are far outside the city. There usually aren't many people, buildings or roads. Here are two samples:

  1. The country side is still a very rural undeveloped area.
  2. It's difficult to find doctors to work in rural areas of the country.

able to keep


I have been able to keep it for ten years.

The world changes very fast but sometimes we are able to keep parts of our traditional culture. Notice the sample sentences:

  1. Modern tech-crazy Japanese have been able to keep much of their traditional culture.
  2. Central Paris has been able to keep much of its old world charm.

Vocabulary Quiz

in terms of • tendency • hard to say
rural areas • able to keep
  1. It's what the weather will be like in April.
  2. Although she became very famous she was most of her old friends.
  3. He has a to not tell the whole truth.
  4. of work, I would say that I'm happy.
  5. On the weekends they travel to the to get away from the city.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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