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Displays of Affection

Cheryl and Nick discuss showing affection to other people through hugs, kisses and holding hands.

Cheryl: So, Nick, let's talk about touching and holding hands and physical touch with your significant other. Do you and your partner hold hands when you go out in the street?

Nick: We hold hands all the time. Initially, we ... when we first went out, holding hands was the first thing we did, and then progressively moved on from there to kissing, but holding hands was certainly the first thing we did in our relationship.

Cheryl: Do you remember when you first tried to hold her hand, or did she try to hold your hand first?

Nick: I made the first move. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie, and I was getting a bit nervous, and I couldn't quite concentrate on the movie, so I moved my hand over to hers, and she reciprocated, and it moved on from there, so ...

Cheryl: You know, that's funny that you bring that up because on of the most common moves that is made fun of in movies as well is when the guy takes a big yawn, a fake yawn, and he opens his arms wide and places it around the girl's shoulder, and thus embraces her, but he had to do it because he yawned.

Nick: My experience, like my first hug was like that as well, so it was just a bit of an excuse for us reaching for something, and then suddenly my hand went around, and she didn't mind so.

Cheryl: That's very good. And what about kissing? Do you kiss a lot in public, in the streets?

Nick: Rarely in public, cause we find it makes other people uncomfortable.

Cheryl: Yeah, that's true. I find that when I see couples kissing, or making out in public, I usually think to myself, Why don't you get a room?

Nick: Yeah, you don't want to see that. You just want to be having a conversation with them or ... you don't want them to be constantly distracted.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

went out ( go out )


When we first went out ....

Here, the phrase 'went out' means dating, not moving to a particular place. When two people are 'going out' that means they are a couple and dating each other. Notice the following:

  1. How long have you two been going out?
  2. We've gone out for two months now.



She reciprocated.

When you reciprocate something, that means you do something in return for something someone did for you. For example, if someone gives you a gift, you can reciprocate by giving them a gift back. Here are some samples:

  1. In Asia, if someone bows to you, you should reciprocate and bow back.
  2. She cooked me dinner last week, so I reciprocated by buying her lunch.

bring something up


That's funny you bring that up.

When you bring something up, that means you mention or talk about something for discussion. Here are some examples:

  1. The boss brought up the topic of the recent policy change.
  2. I never bring up serious issues at the dinner table.

making out (make out)


I see couples making out in public.

When two people 'make out' that means they kiss for a long time. When people make out they are often sitting down and only kissing each other and not talking. Making out is something only young people usually do. Notice the following:

  1. The two teens were making out in the park. It was embarrassing.
  2. Have you made out with your new boyfriend yet?

Why don't you get a room?


This phrase 'Why don't you get a room?' is used as a joke to let two people ( or lovers ) know that their affection is obvious to other people and people feel a little uncomfortable and that they should 'get a room' so they can have some privacy.

Vocabulary Quiz

go out • reciprocated • bring up
make out • get a room
  1. Teens like to at the movies.
  2. By boyfriend and I started to about a month ago.
  3. Be sure not to his weight. He is very sensitive about it.
  4. I gave my friend a gift and he by taking me to dinner.
  5. You two need to . You should not be so kissy and huggy in public.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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