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Costa Rican Adventure

Steven talks about the various types of adventure people can experience in Costa Rica.

Todd: So, Steven, you're from Costa Rica. Now, I look on the internet sometimes for really cool adventures, and Costa Rica's always up there for these wild things you can do, like Kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, nature hikes, volcano hikes and stuff. Have you done any of these things in your country?

Steven: If you haven't done all these activities in Costa Rica, you pretty much are not in Costa Rica. And Costa Rica is mostly composed of these activities. You can surf in both seas, because we have both seas. We also kayak. Kayak you can go through the forest in Costa Rica. You can go inside, look at the roots of Costa Rica and also rock climbing. Rock climbing ... we got tons of mountains, everywhere. You can see them everywhere and if you see a mountain, you can climb it.

Todd: So of all these activities, sounds like you've done them all, which is your favorite?

Steven: My favorite I think is kayaking because you just goto the inside of the forest. You go inside. You can see animals moving around. You can see the sea where fishes are just swimming through you. And of course if you are a nature lover as me, I would recommend kayaking.

Todd: So when you do this, do you actually have to own your own equipment like your own kayak and your own helmet or is it something you just rent?

Steven: Well, for these places they are all available. You can rent them, but if you own one, you can take it with a kayak wherever you want, but it's more efficient and it's better for the person to just rent the kayak as they maintain it and you don't have to have lying down in your garage.

Todd: Do you need training before you do this or do they just plop you right inside a kayak and push you downstream?

Steven: Actually kayaking in Costa Rica is not like throwing you down the river. The water is chill, and you don't need any training. You just go hop into the kayak and and start moving.

Todd: Sounds good man. I want to go.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

up there


Costa Rica is up there for adventure.

In this example the phrase ‘up there’ means ‘popular’. Notice the samples.

  1. Hong Kong is up there for great shopping.
  2. At my university, iPhone is up there with Blackberrry as the phone to own.

nature lover


If you are a nature lover, I recommend kayaking through the forest.

A nature lover is a person who enjoys outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. Notice the following.

  1. My family spends two weeks every year in the mountains. We’re real nature lovers.
  2. The town’s nature lovers protested the construction of a new power plant next to the lake.



It is more efficient to rent a kayak than to own it.

Someone or something that is efficient works fast and effectively. Here are two examples using efficient.

  1. Our new secretary is efficient and well organized.
  2. With high price of oil, many people are buying smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

plop inside


They plop you right inside the kayak.

Here, ‘plop’ means to fall or drop down suddenly. Notice the sample sentences.

  1. He plopped on the bed and quickly fell asleep.
  2. When my dad gets home, he always plops his briefcase near the door.

hop into


You just hop into the kayak and go.

When talking about transportation, the phrase ‘hop into’ means to enter quickly.

  1. The robbers hopped into a waiting car and escaped.
  2. If you get lost in London, just hop into a taxi. The drivers can take you anywhere.

Vocabulary Quiz

up there • nature lover • efficient
plop • hop into
  1. At the end of the day, I love to down onto the sofa and relax.
  2. Costa Rica is for popular tourist destinations.
  3. Let's the car and go for a drive to the beach.
  4. Learning by rote is not very .
  5. She is a real . She likes trees, plants and animals.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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