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Diego and moving and needs to get rid of all of his stuff so he tries to give some to Silvia.

Silvia: Diego, I hear your graduation soon. Congratulations.

Diego: Thank you. Yes, I'm graduation this month.

Silvia: Really, and what about all the stuff you have in your apartment? What are you going to do with it?

Diego: Well, because I am moving to another city, I'm trying to get rid of everything, so I'm trying to sell most of the stuff to get a little bit of money.

Silvia: Well, what kind of stuff do you have? Maybe I can buy some from you?

Diego: I have this blender. It's in really good shape. And it makes really good smoothies, and I also wanna get rid of my fridge. It's a big, nice fridge, so I think it fits everywhere nicely, so if you know anyone who wants these things, you can let me know.

Silvia: OK, maybe I can have the blender, but the fridge, maybe not. I already have a big fridge as well, but I can ask a friend if they need a fridge.

Diego: I have a lot of silverware so if you know anyone who is interested in a fridge, I can thrown in the silverware just as a bonus.

Silvia: OK, I'll let them know.

Diego: And then in the living room, well, I have a TV and a couch that I have no idea what to do with, so because you're helping me you can take the TV.

Silvia: Oh, really.

Diego: Yes.

Silvia: Well, that will be great. I don't have a TV.

Diego: But you have to get rid of the couch.

Silvia: Oh, OK, so I have a big couch in my living room, and my living room is quite small, so ...

Diego: Maybe you can just give it away to one of your friends.

Silvia: Buy you'll need to help me get that sofa out of my apartment. It's quite big.

Diego: That's OK, I can help. I can help.

Silvia: OK.

Diego: As for the bedroom, I have a big bed, so I need to get rid of that, and it's a really nice bed. It's really, really big so I think it's quite comfortable, so it shouldn't be too hard sell.

Silvia: Yeah, it's a nice bed, but maybe it's a little bit big for my room.

Diego: OK, what about your roommates? Do you know if anyone would want it?

Silvia: I'll ask. I'll ask and let you know.

Diego: I also have some stuff in the bathroom I want to get rid of.

Silvia: Do you have a mirror because mine just broke.

Diego: Yes, I have a large mirror in the bathroom, so that wouldn't be that expensive, so if you want it I can sell it to you for like 30 dollars.

Silvia: OK, that would be great.

Diego: OK, so we have a deal.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

get rid of


I wanna get rid of my fridge.

We get rid of something we don’t want or don’t need. Notice the following.

  1. I need to get rid of my old laptop and buy a new one.
  2. She finally got rid of her boyfriend. He wasn’t very nice.

let me know


If you know anyone who wants it, please let me know.

The phrase ‘let me know’ means ‘tell me’. Notice the samples.

  1. If you’re going to be late, call and let me know.
  2. Let me know if you need help with your homework.

throw in


I can throw in the fridge as a bonus.

Here, the phrase ‘thrown in’ means to give something extra, usually during a business deal. Note the sample sentences.

  1. If you buy now, I’ll throw in a free carrying case.
  2. The copier salesman threw in two free print cartridges.

give it away


You can just give it away to one of your friends.

When we give something away, we give it for free. Here are two examples of things we give away.

  1. When Nguyen moved abroad to study, he gave away most of his clothes and bought new stuff.
  2. The new ice cream shop is giving away free samples. Let’s try some.

we have a deal


So we have a deal then.

The phrase we have a deal is used formally in business and informally in conversation when to people agree on something.

  1. If you can lower the price by 20%, we have a deal.
  2. I’ll cook dinner and you clean the dishes. Do we have a deal?

Vocabulary Quiz

get rid of • let me know • throw in
give it away • have a deal
  1. I can sell this for 5 dollars. Do we ?
  2. Please if you can come to the party.
  3. I need to all my old clothes.
  4. This bike has special memories so I hate to just .
  5. If you buy the table I will the chairs to go with it.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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