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Technology and Kids

Gareth and Rebecca continue their talk about children and technology.

Rebecca: So Gareth we've been talking about kids and technology. So is there a time when you think maybe kids should have access to a cellphone?

Gareth: Well, there are many benefits to having a cellphone at an early age, like nowadays, you can get those cellphones that can call only a few people, like they can call your parents, and the police and that's it so they're really good and as a parent you feel more secure if you're child is going to school with their cellphone, that they can use it to call in case of an emergency, but then I often hear stories about kids ringing up, racking up a massive, great, big telephone bill, because they're texting their friends and e-mailing and they're calling and sometimes I see kids on the train.

They're just glued to their cellphone, and they're sitting next to one another, like they're sitting next to their friends and they're glued to their cellphone to someone on the other end of their cellphone, and it just seems so anti-social to me, like it seems that they don't have any time or they're not feeling -- they're not really considerate about the other person that they're sitting next to and they're more concerned and thinking about someone else.

So, yeah, I don't know. I'm gonna ask him if he wants one and discuss with my wife and see how it goes, and see how it changes him. If it does change him, and if he does become anti-social then I'll take it away.

Rebecca: Take it away.

Gareth: Take it away I was gonna say. That sounds easy now, but

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

that's it


They can call their parents, the police, and that's it.

Here the phrase that's it means nothing else. We use the phrase that's it to show that no more information is coming. Notice the following:

  1. The hotel is so basic. You get a bed, a chair and that's it.
  2. I will lend you some money, but that's it. Do not ask again.

racking up


To rack something up means to add something up. You can rack up a bill, or rack up a debt. It just means you keep adding to a total. It is not only for money. For example, you can rack up points in a video game. Notice the following:

  1. He racked up a big debt in college.
  2. She racked up many frequent flyer miles with her travels.

massive bill


When you have a massive bill, it just means a very large bill. You can also pay a massive fine, a massive amount, and a massive charge. Notice the following:

  1. He got a massive bill for his home repairs.
  2. He had to pay a massive fine for speeding in his car.

glued to


They are glued to their cellphones.

Glue is a sticky substance that holds things together, so when you are glued to something you appear to be stuck to it. People can be glued to the computer, the TV, or a book or phone. Notice the following:

  1. He is always glued to the TV watching football.
  2. She is glued to her phone. She is always checking it.



It seems anti-social to me.

When people are anti-social, they are not very talkative and tend to not socialize with other people. People can seem anti-social if they are quiet or avoid interaction with people. Notice the following:

  1. He is very anti-social in the office. He does not talk to anyone.
  2. Computers can be anti-social, but they can also bring people together.

Vocabulary Quiz

and that's it • racking up • massive bill
glued to • anti-social
  1. Some people think the internet is .
  2. I am on a diet so I had a carrot and an apple for dinner .
  3. He is a lot of miles on his car.
  4. The man was the television.
  5. The hospital gave the woman a for her surgery.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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