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Shipwrecked Part 2

Jeff talks about how he and his brothers survied a scary encounter while at sea.

In Part 2 Jeff continues talking about his baot saga near the Phillipines. Listen to Part 1 here for the first part of the story.

Jeff: So we spent fourteen hours floating in the sea, and we floated all night until the next day. At mid-morning the next day, a fisherman -- we had drifted during the night. When we first went down, there was nothing, just open sea all around us, so it was very frightening, and then during the night we drifted with the current, so the next day we maybe five or six kilometers away from an island, so we were in view of an island, but still too far to swim. The current was too strong, but a fisherman in a small kayak saw us and paddled into the nearest island, and they rescued us with a bigger boat, and once my feet touched the land again I cried. I really cried for a good hard cry. I was so happy to be alive. It was the only time I cried in the last fifteen or twenty years.

Mike: I've known you for awhile, you're not a very sensitive guy.

Jeff: And then we had to go back. My brother was hurt, so we had to take him to the hospital in London, and it took him a few weeks to recover, and after that we went back and reshot the documentary.

Mike: What happened to your brother?

Jeff: He was -- he got some cuts. When the boat was going down, he was cut from the barnacles on the hull of the boat, and he got a serious blood infection.

Mike: I mean you're lucky there weren't any sharks or anything I guess.

Jeff: Well that was a big fear. The captain was saying that all night long. He was saying, you know, there're sharks in this water, and you know, he was a bit deranged, and he was really worried about the sharks, so yeah, we were all pretty afraid of the sharks.

Mike: Wow, you made it out. Everybody made it out OK. Everybody was alright?

Jeff: Yep, survived to live another day.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



We drifted with the current.

When you drift, you are carried or moved my wind or water current. Notice the following:

  1. Our boat drifted to the other side of the lake.
  2. He let the balloon go and it drifted down the street.

a good hard cry


When I reached land I had a good hard cry.

A good hard cry is when someone cries with strong emotion and a lot of tears. Notice the following:

  1. He had a good hard cry after his dog died.
  2. The survivors had a good hard cry once they realized there were still alive.



He got a blood infection.

An infection happens when some disease causing elements enters the body. Notice the following:

  1. I cut my hand and it got infected.
  2. You need to clean the wound so it does not get infected.



The captain was a bit deranged.

When someone is deranged, that means they are crazy or mentally ill. Notice the following:

  1. The woman was really old and a little deranged.
  2. The movie is about a deranged homeless man.

make it out


You made it out.

When you 'make it out' of someplace or situation that means you can leave without any damage. Note the following:

  1. Three firemen made it out of the burning building but one did not make it out.
  2. He just made it out of our house after the earthquake hit.

Vocabulary Quiz

drift • good cry • infection
deranged • make it out
  1. They did not of the burning building.
  2. She got an from swimming in polluted water.
  3. He threw the bottle into the sea so it would to another place.
  4. That man is . Don't talk to him.
  5. You always feel tired yet refreshed after a .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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