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New York Sports

Warren loves sports so he gets tourist tips for New York about the local teams.

Warren: So, thanks for telling me about the ballet and all that kind of stuff, but I’m really more into sports and things like that. Do you know of any other things you can do in New York?

Antoinette: Oh, absolutely. There are a lot of events for a sports enthusiast in New York. We’ve got basketball. The Knicks play. They’re an NBA team. We’ve got baseball. The Yankees and the Mets play, and there’s a feud. Yankees fans hate Mets fans and Mets fans hate Yankees fans.

Warren: Right. They have two baseball teams.

Antoinette: That’s right.

Warren: Wow.

Antoinette: Exciting. We even have a Subway Series. Well, it used to be a Subway Series because the teams would play different stadiums for about a week or so and the fans would just switch back and forth from one stadium to the other. But I think they recently built one stadium for both teams.

Warren: Oh. Do you think one team is more popular than the other?

Antoinette: I think probably the Yankees, unfortunately.

Warren: The Yankees.

Antoinette: Yeah. My family was a Mets fan and don’t tell anyone else in my family that I said that.

Warren: Oh, so I guess, they don’t get along with each other?

Antoinette: Oh, not at all.

Warren: Oh well. Well, I’m from Canada. I really like hockey. I know that you guys have the Rangers.

Antoinette: Yeah. We do have the Rangers. They play at Madison Square Garden, so you could easily find, like, buy tickets to see a game there. That’s the same place where the Knicks play.

Warren: Oh, they both play at the same place?

Antoinette: Yes, they do.

Warren: Maybe, I could go to a basketball and a hockey game.

Antoinette: You probably could if you stayed long enough. I think they have different seasons, right?

Warren: Oh, do they?

Antoinette: Yeah. Madison Square Garden is pretty big though, so maybe there’s more than one arena. I’m not sure. I’ve only been there two or three times in my life.

Warren: Oh, okay.

Antoinette: Well, we also have the US Open, if you like tennis.

Warren: Right.

Antoinette: Yeah. That’s held in Queens, not on Manhattan.

Warren: Oh, okay. What about the US Tennis Open but there’s also the US Gold Open. Is that in New York as well?

Antoinette: In New York? I don’t think the – is it?

Warren: I’m not sure.

Antoinette: I don’t think that the US Open for golf is in New York. I think – no, I don’t think that’s New York. Yeah. No.

Warren: Okay. Have you seen tennis before?

Antoinette: Yes, I have. I saw Serena Williams play.

Warren: Oh, she’s great.

Antoinette: She is. Yeah. Powerful woman.

Warren: Yeah. I’d like to see her play.

Antoinette: Yeah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

all that kind of stuff


She likes the ballet and all that kind of stuff.

Here, the phrase 'all that kind of stuff' refers to things that are similar to each other. Notice the following:

  1. He is into history and all that kind of stuff.
  2. I hate paperwork and all that kind of stuff.



Oh, absolutely.

We use 'absolutely' to mean 'yes' but with a lot of emphasis. Notice the following:

  • Are you coming to the wedding?
  • Absolutely.



There’s a feud.

A feud is a rivalry or argument that goes on for a period of time. Notice the following:

  1. They are having a family feud.
  2. The two towns have a feud with each other.

switch back and forth


Fans would just switch back and forth.

When you 'switch back and forth' you alternate between two things. Notice the following:

  1. He kept switching back and forth between two TV channels.
  2. Sometimes I eat inside, sometimes outside. I switch back and forth.

get along with


They don’t get along with each other?

When people get along well with each other, they enjoy each others company. Notice the following:

  1. My sisters do not always get along well.
  2. He gets along well with his boss.



That’s held in Queens.

Here 'is held' means 'happens in' and refers to when or where something takes place. Notice the following:

  1. The festival is held in March.
  2. The game will be held on Sunday at the park.

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