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At the Mall

Todd and Katie discuss the shops at the local mall and what people can do there.

Todd: So Katie, I want to go to the mall.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Have you been to the new mall?

Katie: Yeah, I actually went there just yesterday.

Todd: Okay. So, I want to buy some computer stuff. Is there a computer store?

Katie: There are two computer stores.

Todd: Really? Ooh, that's good.

Katie: There's a computer store on the first floor, and then very close to that there's also a Mac store.

Todd: Ooh, that's perfect. I want to buy a new Mac.

Katie: Oh, me too.

Todd: They're so expensive, though.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Okay, what about books? I really like books. Is there a bookstore with English books?

Katie: There's a huge bookstore on the fourth floor.

Todd: Ooh, that's good.

Katie: It's really big. And there are lots of English books you can read there.

Todd: Oh, great. Nice. And how about the food there?

Katie: The food's okay. There's a big food court on the third floor, and you can get a variety of food. You can get a Subway.

Todd: Oh, that's good. I love sandwiches. Is the food good there, though?

Katie: They don't have any sandwiches that I like, basically.

Todd: Oh, really. Okay. So what else is there at the mall?

Katie: Oh, there's so much at the mall. There's a café on the ground floor.

Todd: Oh, nice.

Katie: If you like drinking coffee.

Todd: I do. I like to go and study and just relax.

Katie: That's the perfect place for you, then.

Todd: I like to people watch. Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can watch a movie.

Katie: Oh, it's a great people-watching place.

Todd: Oh, cool.

Katie: The windows are really big, and you can see out onto the street.

Todd: Oh, cool. What else is there? Is there a movie theater?

Katie: Mm-hmm. There's a movie theater on the fourth floor.

Todd: Oh, great. Now, do they have English movies?

Katie: They have English and Japanese movies.

Todd: Oh, that's good. I should watch some Japanese movies too.

Katie: They're interesting.

Todd: And how about food? I hear there's a new supermarket, a big supermarket there.

Katie: It's pretty big. And you can get lots of food there. It's on the first floor.

Todd: Okay. Is there anything else I should see?

Katie: What about the roof garden?

Todd: Oh, what is the roof garden?

Katie: It's on the fifth floor, and it's, well it's on the roof, and you can see a beautiful view of the city. And there's also places for you to sit and just enjoy the view.

Todd: Oh, nice. A roof garden, I like that.

Katie: It's really nice.

Todd: Now, do you buy clothes at the mall? Do they have nice clothing shops?

Katie: Yeah, they have nice clothing shops. Some of them are a little bit expensive.

Todd: Ah, yeah.

Katie: And I like buying cheap clothes.

Todd: Okay. When's a good time to go?

Katie: I think the best time to go is probably weekdays.

Todd: Okay. Why?

Katie: If you go on the weekend, there are so many children there.

Todd: Oh.

Katie: Ugh. It's hard to walk around.

Todd: Yeah, and we're teachers, we teach kids all day.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Okay. I don't want to go then.

Katie: No, me neither.

Todd: Well, I want to go there next week, maybe Thursday night.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Do you want to join me?

Katie: Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can watch a movie.

Todd: Cool. I'll buy you dinner.

Katie: Sounds great.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

that's perfect


Ooh, that's perfect. I want to buy a new Mac.

Here, the phrase 'that's perfect' means the listener likes the answer from the speaker. Notice the following:

  1. Can you play soccer at the park?
    Yes, but only on Saturday.
    That's perfect. That's when we play.
  2. Does the restaurant have food for vegans?
    Most of the dishes have meat, but there is a salad bar.
    Oh, that's perfect.

a variety of


You can get a variety of food.

When there is a variety of something that means there are many different types to choose from. Notice the following:

  1. Netflix is popular because it offers a variety of movies.
  2. I hate my town. There is not a lot of variety of restaurants.

sounds good / sounds great


Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can watch a movie.

When people say 'sounds good' or 'sounds great' that means they are interested in something. Notice the following:

  1. We are going out for pizza. Would you like to join us?
    That sounds great. I love pizza.
  2. What should we watch on Netflix? How about a comedy?
    Sounds good!

all day


We teach kids all day.

When people do something all day that means they do it for many hours. Notice the following:

  1. He is so lazy. He sits and watches TV all day.
  2. I could play video games all day. I love them.

out onto


You can see out onto the street.

If you can 'see out onto' a street, that means you have clear view of a large space. Notice the following:

  1. From my apartment, I can look out onto the park.
  2. My office view is awful. It looks out onto the parking lot.

Vocabulary Quiz

perfect • variety • sounds
all day • out onto
  1. My office looks a park.
  2. We have a wide of restaurants in my town.
  3. I like your idea. It great.
  4. When I am sick, I stay home and try to stay in bed .
  5. You are right. That's .

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