Mixer #50 | Intermediate B1

When do you dress up?

Six people discuss when they like to dress up and look nice.

Jeannie, United States
speakerI usually dress up for work. If I have a boyfriend who wants to take me out somewhere really nice, then I will put on a nice dress. I've always wanted to go back and relive my prom situation where you got to where very, very beautiful dresses and stuff like that. I love that, but yeah, those are the only occasions.

Kate, New Zealand
speakerOn the weekends I love to go to clubs and parties and this is when I will dress up more than what I would wear at university. At university I just wear jeans and T-shirt, kind of casual clothes, but when I go to the party, I'll wear some nice skirt or black pants with a nice top which match and also the shoes will be, will have a heel, and guess that's to make you look more mature or something.

Rina, Canada
speakerOh, when do I dress up? There are many different levels of dressing up. There's going drinking and dancing dressing up, so I usually wear dress pants and a cute shirt, and then there's going to a wedding dressing up, when it's more formal and then there is work dressing up, and that's when I'm more professional.

Ruth, Ireland
speakerI normally dress up if I'm going to a wedding or maybe a family function, or if I'm at home and I'm going out with my friends. I might dress up if I'm going to the pub or a club. Put on some make-up, a bit of perfume.

Keiko, Japan
speakerWhen I dress up, I usually wear pants even to attend my friends wedding or to go to the clubbing. It doesn't matter because I feel most myself when I'm wearing pants and, yeah, I wear pants a lot.

Ruth, England
speakerWhen I dress up? Well, I would suppose it would depend on wear I was going. For example if I was going to church, I would merely wear jeans, but if I was going out with my friends, I guess I could also wear jeans too, or maybe a black skirt and some high heel shoes.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

dress up


I usually dress up for work.

When we 'dress up' that means that we wear nice clothes. Notice the following:

  1. I hated to dress up when I was a kid. Now I love it!
  2. We don't need to dress up at our company. It's very causal.

look more mature


You look more mature.

To look 'more mature' means to look older. Notice the following:

  1. Jack looks more mature in a suit.
  2. I look more mature with short hair.



I've always wanted to go back and relive my prom situation.

When we want to 'relive' something it means we want experience a past situation again. Notice the following:

  1. Now that I'm working, I'd love to relive my university years.
  2. When I was a kid, my family was poor. I'd hate to relive those years.

a family function


I dress up if I'm going to a family function.

A 'family function' can mean a wedding, special dinner, a reunion. Things like that. Notice the following:

  1. I can't meet you this weekend. I've got a family function to attend.
  2. For me, large family functions are so boring!



I would merely wear jeans.

The word 'merely' is similar in meaning to 'just' or 'only'. Notice the following:

  1. Medication won't cure your cold. It merely makes you feel better.
  2. I'm not angry. I merely said wasn't happy with you.

Vocabulary Quiz

dress up • mature • relive
function • merely
  1. I was going to get her flowers as a present.
  2. He looks much more with a beard.
  3. This is the first family that my boyfriend will come to.
  4. Do I have to for this party or is it a casual event?
  5. I wish I could that moment so I could do things differently.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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When do you dress up?

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