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Six people discuss if they believe in ghosts.

Adrienne, The United States
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? Yes, I think I do. I struggle with it, but I actually think I lived with one time. There were a lot of really strange events happening in this house where I lived and my roommates and I were convinced that we had a ghost in the house. It was hard to think about but yeah, I think I do believe in ghosts.

Barbara, Australia
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? In a word, no! I don't. I believe that there are many things which people don't understand and things that perhaps can't be explained by science – yet – but, no, I don't believe in ghosts.

Conrad, The United States
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? Absolutely not! I'm kind of the type of person that only believes in things that I can see or that can be proven and until I see a ghost, I won't believe in them. Of course there might be Casper the friendly ghost, but I don't believe in ghosts as a scary being or anything like that.

Phil, England
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? To be honest I don't believe in ghosts. Maybe it's my imagination or lack of imagination or, why, but I just don't believe in ghosts. However when I go to the movies and watch a ghost movie, sometimes I do get very scared by them.

Simone, Sweden
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? Well, I have seen ghosts. I saw my grandfather once when he was dead, but I don't believe them. I think it was my own mind who conjured the image, so, no, I don't.

Simon, Canada
speakerDo I believe in ghosts? No way. Yeah, that there's some supernatural beings that are floating everywhere and scaring everybody, I don't think so. Yeah, some members of my family believe in ghosts, and I always have to laugh at them. Come on. There's not such thing as ghosts.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

struggle with


I struggle with it.

We struggle with something that is difficult for us.  Notice the following:

  1. I struggle with English grammar.
  2. He struggled with math in high school.

at one time


I lived with one at one time.

'At one time' means a time in the past. Notice the following:

  1. I tried working in sales at one time, but didn't like it.
  2. I had a dog at one time.

hard to think about


It was hard to think about.

Something that is hard to think about is sad or uncomfortable. Notice the following:

  1. It's hard to think about losing my job.
  2. The damage from the quake is hard to think about.



My mind conjured the image.

When we conjure something (up), that means we form a picture or an idea in our mind. Notice the following:

  1. The smell of sun block conjures up images of summers at the beach.
  2. Samba conjures up thoughts of Carnival in Brazil.



There's supernatural beings everywhere.

Something that is supernatural can't be explained by science or logic.  Notice the following:

  1. I don't believe in the supernatural.
  2. Should we study the supernatural at school?

Vocabulary Quiz

struggled • at one time • think about
conjures • supernatural
  1. It's hard to children who have no homes.
  2. This song up images of the beach.
  3. His whole family believes in the .
  4. She has with her weight since she was a child.
  5. I was working in four different places at the same time. I was always tired.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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