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Mixer #64 | Intermediate B1


Six people talk about what makes them worry.

Adrienne, The United States
speakerWhat is something that I worry about? Well, I don't think I am unusual in worrying about money like everyone does these days. Making sure you have enough of it. Making sure that you are secure for your future. Making sure you have enough to do what you need to do all of the time, so I think that's probably the biggest worry but I don't think that's unusual at all.

Mark, England
speakerWhat do I worry about? The most thing I worry about is money because I never have any. Also because I'm living overseas at the moment, I worry about my family and my mom and dad because if anything happens to them then I am a long way from home so it would take a long time to get back home.

Lisa, Canada
speakerWhat is something I worry about? Well, there are many things that I worry about. Two of probably the biggest things that I worry about are money and getting fat. Money of course because I like shopping a lot and use my credit card more than I should probably and getting fat because any women in their thirties, that's what they're obsessed about especially if they are single.

Phil, England
speakerWhat do I worry about? I think my biggest worry at the moment is a career. I'm 26 now and I've spend a lot of the last fews years traveling around since I left university and most of my friends have settled down and have a good job and a good career behind them, so sometimes I do worry that when I go back I will be too old for companies to want me, so I'm slightly worried about having a future career.

Barbara, Australia
speakerSo, what do I worry about? I guess I worry about the usual things, for example, having money in the bank and being healthy. I guess being healthy is what's most important to me so I take care of to exercise and I watch what I eat because I need this body to last me at least another fifty years.

Conrad, The United States
speakerWhat do I worry about? That's a tough question. I don't worry that much but sometimes I do think about after my retirement and where am I going to be living, what are my kids going to be doing. Can I still support them? Can I send them to college? but that's a very minor worry and I don't think I worry about much.

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I am living overseas.

"Overseas" talks about a foreign country across an ocean. Sometimes we say "abroad". See the samples below:

  1. My brother Ernesto is studying overseas in America.
  2. Overseas shipping is cheaper but slower than Air-mail.

obsessed about


That's what they're obsessed about.

When we are obsessed, we can't stop thinking about someone or something. Notice the following:

  1. Nguyen visits elllo everyday. He's obsessed with learning English.
  2. My sister Hates football, but she's obsessed with David Beckham.

settle down


Most of my friends have settled down.

Settle down talks about a time in our lives when find a good job, a place to live for a long time, and maybe get married. Here are two examples:

  1. I'd like to stop living abroad, go home, buy a house and settle down.
  2. Jack loves travel and adventure. He could never settle down.

take care to


I take care to exercise.

We "take care to" do something that is important. In this mixer, exercise is important for Barbara's health. Look at the samples:

  1. The weather is rainy so take care to drive carefully.
  2. I take care to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in my diet.



Can I still support them?

Here, to support someone means to take care of them. Parents usually support their children while they are young and at school. Notice the sample sentences:

  1. Hans had to take a second job to support his family.
  2. My parents will support me until I graduate.

Vocabulary Quiz

overseas • obsessed • settling
take care • support
  1. He doesn't know about this yet, so to keep it a secret.
  2. That is a decent salary, but not enough to my family.
  3. She has been living for almost 15 years.
  4. It's hard for me to imagine down at 22 years old.
  5. That was the time in my life when I was with shopping for clothes.
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