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59 Thai Food
01 Verb (Be)
Learn about the teacher and the site.
59 Thai Food
02 Likes and Favorites
Thiings people like and dislike.
59 Thai Food
03 Basic Verbs
Two people discuss their weekend routines.
59 Thai Food
04 Colors
Two people discuss colors and things with them.
59 Thai Food
05 Adjectives
Two people discuss their hometowns.
59 Thai Food
06 Days of the week
Two people talk about their week.
59 Thai Food
07 Nationaliteis and Languages
Two people discuss the languages and places.
59 Thai Food
08 Sentence Patterns
Two people discuss their daily routines.
59 Thai Food
09 Subject Pronouns
Two people try to guess some famous people.
59 Thai Food
10 Object Pronouns
Two people discuss meeting family.
59 Thai Food
11 Demonstrative Pronouns
Two people compare clothes and their watches.
59 Thai Food
12 Adjectives and Adverbs
Living in Japan and Thailand.
59 Thai Food
13 Months and Holidays
Meg and Todd talk about American holidays.
59 Thai Food
14 Ordinals
Two teachers talk about their school schedule.
59 Thai Food
15 Telling Time
Two people talk about when they do things.

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