ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 1-04

Subject Verb Agreement

Part 1: Learn the Grammar

Watch the video explaining the grammar point.

Part 2: Test Your Grammar

Now review the lesson and take the quiz.. How good is your grammar?

Basic Subect - Verb Agreement with Be ( is / are )

Singular Nouns + Be - For singular nouns as the subject use the verb is.

My car is nice.
This shirt is blue.
The game is exciting.
The sky is blue.

Plural Nouns + Be - For plural nouns as the subject use the verb are.

My eyes are brown.
The apples are sweet.
The clouds are gray.
The bananas are delicious.

Non-Count Nouns+ Be - For noun you cannot count use the verb are.

The air is dirty.
The weather is bad.
The time is near.
My energy is low.

Plurals vs. Singular nouns - We usually use the plural noun when talk about things in general.

Apples are red.
I love peaches.
Cars are expensive.
I like pink flowers.

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