ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 1-06

Days of the Week

Part 1: Learn the Grammar

Watch the video explaining the grammar point.

Part 2: Test Your Grammar

Now review the lesson and take the quiz.. How good is your grammar?

Days of the Week

Point 1: Spell names of the week with a capital letter.

Monday | on Monday
Tuesday | on Tuesday
Wednesday | on Wednesday
Thursday | on Thursday
Friday | on Friday
Saturday | on Saturday
Sunday | on Sunday

Point 2: In spoken English, speakers often do not say the preposition on.

I will see you Sunday.
I will see you on Sunday.

Parts of the Day

Point 3: We use different prepositions for some parts of the day, either in or at.

morning | in the morning
noon | at noon
afternoon | in the afternoon
evening | in the evening
night | at night
midnight | at midnight.

Point 4: When you combine a day of the week and a part of the day, you do need a preposition, except with noon and midnight. The time of day goes after the day.

I will see you Monday night.
Let's meets Sunday afternoon.
I will see you Friday at noon.

Parts of the Week

Point 5: The weekend is Saturday and Sunday, and the Weekdays are Monday thru Friday.

Weekend | on the weekend
Weekday | on a weekday
Weekdays | during the weekdays.

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