ELLLO Beginner English Lesson 2-05

Adverbs of Frequency

Part 1: Learn the Grammar

Watch the video explaining the grammar point.

Part 2: Test Your Grammar

Now review the lesson and take the quiz.. How good is your grammar?

Adverbs of Frequency - Grammar Notes

Point 1: We use adverbs of frequency to show how often we do something.
  1. I always have coffee in the morning.
  2. I usually eat dinner at home.
  3. I sometimes eat a restaurants.
  4. I never drink alcohol.
Point 2: Adverbs of time and relative strength.
  1. Always (100%)
  2. Almost always
  3. Usually
  4. Often
  5. Sometimes
  6. Hardly ever / Rarely
  7. Almost never
  8. Never (0%)
Point 3: Adverbs of time can be used immediately in front of the verb.
  1. Thomas almost always paints in the evening.
  2. She usually gets to work early.
  3. We hardly ever rent movies.
  4. I never stay out late.
Point 4: Sometimes, usually and often can go before the subject or at the end of the verb phrase.
  1. Usually, I read before bed.
  2. I read before bed usually.
  3. Often I go there.
  4. I go there often.
  5. Sometimes, I play tennis at night.
  6. I play tennis at night sometimes.

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