Grammar Talks A1-11 Demonstrative Pronouns

I like that and those!

Two people talk about some clothes and their watches.

Todd: Hey, Natalie, I like your outfit. It looks really cute.

Natalie: Oh, hey Todd. Thank you.

Todd: So, that shirt looks expensive. Did it cost a lot?

Natalie: Oh, this one? Yeah. It was about $50.

Todd: $50? That's a lot.

Natalie: I know. It's an American brand.

Todd: Ah. Do they have that shirt in different colors?

Natalie: Yes, so I actually have this top in six colors.

Todd: Really? What colors?

Natalie: I have it in purple, blue, red, gray, white, and black. Actually, I have two black ones, so that's seven.

Todd: You have two shirts in black? Why?

Natalie: Well, black is such a good color to wear. It matches everything.

Todd: Yeah. So true, so true. What about your pants? Those pants are pretty cool too.

Natalie: Oh, these? Yeah. These were much cheaper than the tops. I bought these in San Francisco. They cost about $40.

Todd: Ooh. Those are cheap. That's a good price.

Natalie: It is, and I only have one pair of these.

Todd: And your shoes? Did you buy those shoes in San Francisco too?

Natalie: No, I didn't buy these in San Francisco. These, I bought online.

Todd: You bought them online?

Natalie: Yes. These sandals are really hard to find, so I had to buy them through Amazon.

Todd: Oh, I like Amazon. I buy lots of things on Amazon. For example, I bought this watch on Amazon.

Natalie: How much did it cost?

Todd: Well, this watch was really cheap. This watch only cost about $20.

Natalie: Whoa.

Todd: Yeah, but I have two watches, and I also bought a nice, gold watch on Amazon. That watch was very expensive. It cost $200.

Natalie: Whoa, $200 on a watch? I think my watch only cost maybe $70, but I really like this watch. It's an Apple Watch. I bought it in Malaysia. I've had it for about two years now, but I think now that I have an Apple Watch, I'll always have Apple Watches.

Todd: Yeah, that is a nice watch. I want an Apple Watch too.

Natalie: Yeah, they're so cool. I spend so much time on my phone, and the watch works really well with my phone. I definitely recommend it.

Todd: Yeah, I like this cheap watch, because if it rains, or if I play sports, or if I am traveling, I can take my cheap watch, because this watch is not important. I can break it. I can lose it. I can do anything. But my gold watch, that watch is expensive, so I keep it at home. I only wear it on nice occasions.

Natalie: Oh, well it's nice to have something a little more expensive, but my watch can tell me what the weather's like, my watch can tell me how many calories I've burned, and my watch can tell me what the time is anywhere in the world.

Todd: You know, I think I need to get a watch like that.

Natalie: This is the greatest watch.

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Demonstrative Pronouns

Point 1: Use this and that for singular nouns. This refers to objects closer to the speaker.
  1. I like this shirt. (close to speaker)
  2. I don't like that shirt. (away from speaker)
  3. Look at that car! (away from speaker)
  4. This bike is nice! (close to speaker)
Point 2: Use these and those for plural nouns. This refers to objects closer to the speaker.
  1. These jeans are too tight!
  2. Try those jeans.
  3. Are these your books?
  4. No, those books over there are my books.
Point 3: Speakers sometimes do not mention the noun if the object is clear.
  1. Do you like this shirt?
  2. Do you like this? (Holding shirt)
  3. What are these items?
  4. What are these?
Point 4: After using demonstratives, we often use pronouns (subject/object) to reference them.
  1. Do you like these?
  2. Yes, I like them. They are cool.
  3. What is this?
  4. It's a coffee maker. I use it a lot.
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