Amazing Mom

Akane talks with Ruth about her mother. Practice listening and using pronouns!

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Ruth: So, Akane, tell me about your family. Who do you get on well with in your family?

Akane: Well, I think I get along the best with my mother, I would say.

Ruth: So, why is that?

Akane: Well, I think it probably has to do with the fact that we're both female. I mean the only other people in my family are my father and my brother.

Ruth: So, what does your mom look like?

Akane: Well, she's actually taller than me. She has dark hair and a pretty firm build. Um, she's not too thin and not too fat, and yeah!

Ruth: And what does your mom do? Does she have a job?

Akane: Oh, good question. She's actually a hair dresser. Yeah, so she does my hair and she's also an aesthetician as well so I get free skin care products from her.

Ruth: Oh, that's fantastic. So what does your mom like to do when she is not working?

Akane: Well, she used to take sewing lessons, so she really likes to sew things like her own curtains and she even made me some clothes a few times.

Ruth: Wow, so she's talented.

Akane: Yeah, she's quite artistic.

Ruth: So when did you last see your mom or speak to your mom?

Akane: Well, the last time I saw her was this spring. I stayed at my parents house for about a week and, yeah, that's when I saw her.

Ruth: Was that a couple of months ago?

Akane: Yeah, a couple of months ago, that's right.

Ruth: And what was the last thing your mom bought for you?

Akane: Actually, just before I came here, we went shopping together and because I have to fly away to a new country she bought me some new clothes. She bought me a new coat actually.

Ruth: Wow, that's really nice. Well, thanks for that Akane.

Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

Notice that all the pronouns looks very similar but act differently.

Point 1: Possessive adjectives go before a noun.
  1. This is my house.
  2. This is your house.
  3. This is her house.
  4. This is his house.
  5. This is its house.
  6. This is their house.
  7. This is our house.
Point 2: Possessive pronouns combine the possessive adjective and the noun.
  1. This is my house. This house is mine.
  2. This is your coat. This coat is yours.
  3. This is her car. This car is hers.
  4. This is his bike. This bike is his.
  5. This is their cake. This cake is theirs.
  6. This is our food. This food is ours.
Point 3: Subject pronouns look similar but act like nouns and go before the main verb.
  1. I work in an office.
  2. You work in an office.
  3. She works in an office.
  4. It is an office.
  5. They work in an office.
  6. We work in an office.
Point 4: Object pronouns go after the main verb.
  1. The man gave me a gift.
  2. The man gave you a gift.
  3. The man gave her a gift.
  4. The man gave him a gift.
  5. The man gave it to me.
  6. The man gave them a gift.
  7. The man gave us a gift.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Grammar Game | View Full Screen

  • Choose the correct word for each blank.
  • Check your score at the end. Three attempts are allowed.
  • Study Tip - Play the audio and choose the words as you listen.


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