My Weekend

Two people discuss their weekend routines.

------- (Lesson Plan)

Beginner ESL students can hear real people speaking natural English using ------. Recommended study plan:

  • Watch the video
  • Take the quiz
  • Listen again and read the script
  • Learn the grammar with the notes
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Todd: Hey, Shantel, what do you do on the weekend?

Shantel: On the weekend, I wake up and, first, I make breakfast.

Todd: Oh, what do you make?

Shantel: I like to make toast.

Todd: All right. I often eat toast, too.

Shantel: Do you put butter on your toast?

Todd: I do. I put butter and jam.

Shantel: Ew, I love butter and jam on my toast.

Todd: Do you eat cereal?

Shantel: No. I used to, but not anymore.

Todd: On the weekend, I don't eat cereal. On the weekend, I cook a nice breakfast, but I eat cereal during the week. What else do you do on the weekend?

Shantel: Let's see. After I eat breakfast, I clean the kitchen and make my bed. What about you?

Todd: I also clean my house. I clean my rooms. I vacuum. I wash the windows. I wash the dishes. I do my laundry. I do that on Saturday, but on Sunday, I have fun.

Shantel: What do you do for fun?

Todd: I go to the park. I play sports. I play soccer at the park. Sometimes, I ride my bike. Sometimes, I go hiking. I do lots on Sunday. On Sunday, I relax. I don't study. I don't work, and I don't clean my house.

Shantel: Nice.

Todd: What do you do on Sunday?

Shantel: I also enjoy my time on Sunday. I really like to meet my friends and, sometimes, we go to festivals or visit new cities, and we eat a lot of really good food.

Todd: Oh, that sounds fun.

Shantel: Actually, we also really enjoy camping. Do you like camping?

Todd: I love camping. I love the outdoors. I go hiking often.

Shantel: Oh, me, too.

Todd: Oh, that's cool. What about Sunday evening?

Shantel: Oh, Sunday evening, I relax. I cook a big dinner, and I listen to music, and, sometimes, I read my book, but, often, I go to sleep very early on Sunday.

Todd: Oh, wow.

Shantel: And you?

Todd: Well, on Sunday, I don't cook. I usually order food. I order pizza or maybe I eat at a restaurant, and then, later in the evening, on Sunday, I always watch TV. My favorite TV show is on Sunday night.

Shantel: What's your favorite TV show?

Todd: My favorite TV show is called Billions.

Shantel: Billions?

Todd: Yeah. It's about money and power in New York. It's very interesting.

Shantel: Nice. Maybe I should watch it.

Todd: Oh, you should, but you go to bed early.

Shantel: Yes, around nine o'clock.

Todd: Oh, okay, maybe you can see it.

Shantel: Okay.

Basic Verbs

Here are some basic ways to use verbs.


What do you eat for breakfast?
Where do you eat lunch?
When do you eat dinner?


I eat toast and fruit.
I work at home.
I live near the station.


I do not eat cereal.
I do not work in town.
I do not live by my work.

Negative Contraction

I don't eat cereal.
I don't work in town.
I don't live by my work.

Yes / No Questions

Do you eat at home?

Yes, I do. / Yes, I eat at home.
No, I don't. / No, I don't eat at home.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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