Grammar Talks A2-08 Adjectives


Abidemi and Todd play a word association game.

Todd: Abidemi, let's play the word association game.

Abidemi: Sure.

Todd: I say a word like big, and you say a word like-

Abidemi: Russia.

Todd: Exactly. Okay, because Russia is a big country. Okay, the next word. Small.

Abidemi: Ants.

Todd: Yes, ants are very small. Do you have ants in your house?

Abidemi: Thankfully, no.

Todd: Yeah, I no ants. I'm happy. Okay, next word. Interesting.

Abidemi: Foreign movies.

Todd: I would agree. Foreign movies are interesting. Boring.

Abidemi: Sleeping.

Todd: That's a good answer. For me, sleeping is relaxing. How about you? What's relaxing?

Abidemi: Listening to music.

Todd: Yeah, that's a good one. Okay, how about delicious?

Abidemi: Food.

Todd: And what food is delicious for you?

Abidemi: I love spicy food.

Todd: Such as?

Abidemi: Some Nigerian foods are spicy and Thai food is really spicy as well. I really love those.

Todd: Yeah, I don't like spicy food too much, but it's okay. Now, do you have a food that is not delicious for you?

Abidemi: I can't think of anything.

Todd: Everything's delicious?

Abidemi: Just about. Well, in combination with other things.

Todd: For me, I would say cooked carrots. I hate cooked carrots. They're not delicious.

Abidemi: I think of them as being healthy.

Todd: Yeah. Raw carrots, but not cooked carrots. Okay, back to the game. Okay, the next word. Old.

Abidemi: My grandmother.

Todd: Really? How old is your grandmother?

Abidemi: She's past 100 years old.

Todd: Really?

Abidemi: And she still walks and moves on her own.

Todd: Wow.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: So is she healthy?

Abidemi: She's very healthy. I like that.

Todd: Nice.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: Okay, the next word. Young.

Abidemi: My nieces are young. I have a two-year-old niece and an eight-year-old niece.

Todd: Okay, cool. Okay, next. Interesting.

Abidemi: Reading books. I love reading a lot.

Todd: Yeah, books are interesting. Are books more interesting than movies?

Abidemi: Good question. I would say yes.

Todd: Yeah, me too. What about boring? What's boring?

Abidemi: Doing nothing. Having nothing to do. I find that boring.

Todd: True, yeah. Okay, how about difficult?

Abidemi: Life can be difficult sometimes.

Todd: Yeah, life can be difficult. And easy? What's easy?

Abidemi: Nothing is easy.

Todd: Yeah, as they say, nothing is easy.

Abidemi: Nothing is easy.

Todd: So true. Okay, expensive.

Abidemi: Cars. Some cars are expensive.

Todd: Yeah, I think all cars are expensive, right? What about cheap, or inexpensive?

Abidemi: Books. Some books are cheap.

Todd: Yeah, these days. Do you read paper books or digital books?

Abidemi: I read digital books.

Todd: Yeah, digital books can be very cheap. Used books can be very cheap.

Abidemi: That's true.

Todd: I loved used books. Okay, last question is wonderful.

Abidemi: Life, even though it can be challenging, it's also wonderful.

Todd: I like it. It's difficult and wonderful. Thanks, Abidemi.

Abidemi: Thank you.

Adverbs + Adjectives

We use adverbs to intensify the meanings of adjectives.


She is busy.
She is very busy.

It is fun.
It is really fun.

The test is hard.
The test is so hard.


He is not nice.
He is not very nice.

It is not nice.
It is not expensive at all.

Middle / So-So

He is not tall.
He is not that tall.

My town is not big.
My town is not so big.

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