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Coin Laundry

Hear about a good reason to do laundry.

Free Worksheet (PDF)

Answer the following questions about the interview.

I have a washing machine at my house, but when I need to dry my clothes, I usually go to a coin laundry, and the coin laundry that I go to happens to be near a park, so it’s great. I can do two things at once.

So, I let my clothes dry, or I put them in the dryer, and then I go for a run in the park, so I get a little exercise, and when I come back my clothes are done, and I can drive home and all of my laundry is ready for the week, so I really like going to the coin laundry because I get a little exercise and I get to go to the park and it’s just a fun day.

Instructions: Play the audio and fill in the missing words.

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