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Hear how a woman learns she has a special name.

Free Worksheet (PDF)

Answer the following questions about the interview.

Three days ago, I met an acquaintance of mine who I had not seen for a very long time. We were not talking much back then, so we didn't know each other very much.

So we were in this one place where we had to spend a lot of time together as we were coming to support a friend of ours, and she saw me read a book on my Kindle. So this friend, the acquaintance, then asked if I was just reading a book because I was bored or I loved reading books. Then I told her that I do love reading books. To my surprise, she called me bibliophile. So I didn't know what that was. Imagine me reading all this while, yet doesn't know that a person who likes reading is called bibliophile. Yeah, now I know.

Instructions: Play the audio and fill in the missing words.

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