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Baking Bread

Marika talks a little about baking and making bread.

Todd: Marika, do you like bread?

Marika: Yes, I do.

Todd: OK. What kind of bread do you eat?

Marika: I try to eat whole grain bread or bagels or something that's dark.

Todd: OK. What do you like to put on bread?

Marika: My favorite thing to put on bread is tomatoes and I also like honey.

Todd: OK. But not together?

Marika: Not together, no.

Todd: Do you like mustard?

Marika: No, I don't like mustard.

Todd: Oh, I love mustard. I eat mustard and bread just plain.

Marika: No, no. I know people that eat mustard sandwiches, and no!

Todd: OK. Can you make bread?

Marika: Yes, I can. Actually, I'm a baker.

Todd: Really.

Marika: Yeah!

Todd: Wow!

Marika: I'm a pastry chef.

Todd: That's incredible.

Marika: Although, bread is kind of a different branch. I do cakes and stuff like that. I can make bread. My grandmother makes bread all the time.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

whole grain bread

I like to eat whole grain bread or bagels.

'Whole grain' bread has natural grains in it that have not been processed.  This bread is healthier than white bread.  Notice the following:

  1. Do you usually buy whole grain or white bread?
  2. All of our sandwiches are made with whole grain bread.

put on

My favorite thing to put on bread is honey.

When you 'put something on' bread you add the ingredient on top.  Many people put butter or jam on bread.  Notice the following:

  1. There is some extra sauce here if you want to put it on.
  2. Do you want to put mustard on your sandwich?

make bread

My grandmother makes bread all the time.

To 'make bread' is to prepare it yourself in your house.  You put all of the ingredients together and follow directions or a recipe.  Making bread is difficult and takes a long time. Notice the following:

  1. She spent all Saturday making bread.
  2. It smells so good when you make bread in your house.

pastry chef

I can make bread; I'm a pastry chef.

A 'pastry chef' is a professional cook who makes pastries.  Pastries are fancy, delicate breads that are usually sweet.  Notice the following:

  1. We are taking baking lessons from a pastry chef.
  2. A pastry chef is making wedding cupcakes for us.

different branch

Bread is a different kind of branch

A 'different branch' in this case means a different type of thing.  It may be similar, but it is not the same.  Notice the following:

  1. Administration is a different branch of education.
  2. I knew you were interested in science, but forensics is a completely different branch.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
whole grain • put on • made bread
pastry chef • branch
  1. You can all the ingredients you want.
  2. My wife is a so it's her dream to have a bakery someday.
  3. My mom for every family dinner.
  4. Although we are both lawyers he works in a different than me.
  5. The doctor told me to start eating bread because it's healthier.