192 Traveling

Nicoleta talks about traveling and places she really enjoyed.


Todd: OK, Hello!

Nicoleta: Hello!

Todd: What's your name?

Nicoleta: Nicoleta.

Todd: Hi, Nicoleta. Um, Nicoleta, where are you from?

Nicoleta: Germany.

Todd: Great. Great. Where in Germany?

Nicoleta: It's called Tria, but it's quite, quite small.

Todd: OK. So like north, east.


Todd: Southwest.

Nicoleta: Exactly.

Todd: OK

Nicoleta: Near Luxemburg.

Todd: Oh, OK. Must be pretty. OK, we're going to talk about traveling. Do you like to travel?

Nicoleta: Yes, Of course.

Todd: OK, what places have you visited?

Nicoleta: I've been to some places in Europe and to New York and now I'm in Japan.

Todd: Wow, you've been all over. OK, what's your favorite place so far?

Nicoleta: I have three. The Toscana in Italy. New York and I think Tokyo.

Todd: OK, Wow! One in every continent.

Todd: Do you have a lot of luggage when you travel?

Nicoleta: Yeah, if I can yes. I mean there are limits.

Todd: Sure. So how many suitcases did you have when you came to Tokyo?

Nicoleta: Mm, one. A big one. Yeah, it's about 20 kilo, so, yeah.

Todd: OK, where would you like to go?

Nicoleta: Oh, that's difficult. I don't know. South America maybe.

Todd: OK. Do you speak Spanish?

Nicoleta: No, but yeah, I mean.

Todd: Actually, you speak English perfect

Nicoleta: Oh, no.

Todd: And you speak German. So, do you speak any other languages?

Nicoleta: Yeah, I speak French and yeah, I'm doing a little bit Japanese but..

Todd: Oh, yeah, it's hard yeah!

Nicoleta: It's very hard yeah.

Todd: I've been here four years and my Japanese is terrible. Last question, are you nervous when you fly?

Nicoleta: Yes, definitely.

Todd: Yeah.

Nicoleta: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, me too.

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Answer the following questions about the interview.

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