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Marion talks about a really special dog.

My first pet was bought for me when I was still a baby, so I think, I think I was, I think I was less than six weeks old when my granddad bought me a little terrier pup. So as far, as long as I can remember from being very very young, I could always remember this little dog who grew up with me really.

Her name was Lulu. I think my granddad named her. I don't really know why he called her Lulu but maybe after an English pop star, or maybe he liked the name, I'm not really sure, but he used to always call her "Lula" rather than Lulu, so I'm not too sure how the name came about, but anyway Lulu and I were about the same age really, so there wouldn't have been more than six weeks between us, and she was really cute, a very small dog, as most terriers are, I suppose, so yeah, quite small, and very small face, so she had really cute features and big brown eyes, from what I remember, so she was really sweet looking, and she was very friendly as well, and would be very happy and we would come and take her for walks or just play with her, and so yeah, we grew up together for the most part. I tried to spend as much time with her as I could cause she didn't actually live with me. She lived with her granddad still. He looked after her for me.

But yeah it was really sad. As she got older, obviously a dog doesn't live as long as we do, so about the time I was maybe, I don't know, twelve or thirteen I suppose, you could really see that poor Lulu was getting, getting much older and you know she had more difficulty in walking and she just looked like she had aged a lot really, so she finally passed away I think when I was about 16. So she lived to be quite old for a little dog like that, but it was really, really sad because we'd spent all that time together and the last few years, we'd been living in the same place and everything, yeah, so I was really, really sad when she passed away. Often times I think, with a pet, you know, when you've had a pet for so long, maybe you don't realize how really attached you are to that person, or to that pet, that animal, and so it really was a wrench when she died. It was very sad.

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She had really cute features and big brown eyes.

In this case, 'feature' refers to a part of the face like the nose or mouth.

Notice the following:

  1. She is very lucky to have such striking features. I think she could be a model.
  2. Does he have any distinguishing features?

grow up together

We grew up together for the most part.

When you 'grow up with someone' it means that you spend a lot of your childhood years with him.

Notice the following:

  1. I am very close to my friends as I grew up with most of them.
  2. We lived next door to each other while we were at school and we grew up together.

look after

He looked after her for me.

When you 'look after' someone it means that you take care of them and make sure that they are alright.

Notice the following:

  1. I look after my dog and make sure that he is fed and watered.
  2. When you have a child you need to make sure that they are well looked after.


Maybe you don't realize how really attached you are to that person, or to that pet.

When you are 'attached' to a person or thing it means that you have a strong emotional connection with them.

Notice the following:

  1. I really miss him. He and I were very attached.
  2. I try not to get too attached to my students because I don't want to miss them when they move on to the next year.


It really was a wrench when she died. It was very sad.

When something is a 'wrench' it means that you are very saddened by it happening.

Notice the following:

  1. It will be a real wrench when I leave here.
  2. I think you should prepare yourself, if she leaves you might find it a wrench.
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Vocabulary Quiz
feature • grew up • look after
attached • wrench
  1. He doesn't have many friends, because he moves around too frequently to get to anyone.
  2. It's a really easy job. All I have to do is stay at their house and their cat.
  3. It was a huge when my house was robbed.
  4. We together, but I haven't seen her in almost 10 years.
  5. I think your smile is your best .