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Vocabulary Quiz
time • jumper • patterns
balls of wool • keep warm
  1. Did you really make that yourself?
  2. I found three different blanket that I like.
  3. I can't believe that 4 cost almost $100 dollars.
  4. He listens to his music all the when he's working.
  5. Let's start a fire in the fireplace to tonight.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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#406 Knitting
Marion talks a little about knitting.

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  • Audio Notes
Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

all the time

When I was a little girl, I used to knit all the time.

If you do something 'all the time' it means that you do it frequently. Notice the following:

  1. You are on the phone all the time now.
  2. Some days I feel like I am eating all the time.


I used to knit jumpers and hats and scarves, and little dolls sometimes.

In this case 'jumper' refers to a sweater that you put on over your head. This is a British English term. Notice the following:

  1. My grandmother made me this jumper when I was 20 years old.
  2. Don't forget to bring a jumper. It gets a little cold at night.

different patterns in the wool

You can put the wool around your needle different ways, so you get different patterns in the wool.

A 'pattern' is something like a design or decoration. In the example it says that by moving the wool in different was around your needle you can make different designs. Notice the following:

  1. The diagrams at the beginning of the book teach your how to make different patterns in the wool.
  2. Before you start your first project you should practice making different patterns in the wool.

balls of wool

Until today, I've knitted four balls of wool, but I think I will need ten altogether.

One type of measurement for knitting is the amount of wool or yarn that you will use to complete a project. A 'ball of wool' is one unit of the woolen yarn or string that will use made into the shape of a ball. Notice the following:

  1. Cats can spend hours playing with balls of wool.
  2. You will need about 9 balls of wool to make this sweater.

to help keep me warm this winter

It is going to be a very big scarf to help keep me warm this winter.

Something that 'keeps you warm' protects you from the cold weather. An example of this is a blanket or a jacket. Notice the following:

  1. You can put more blankets on the bed to help keep you warm at night.
  2. An extra pair of socks will help to keep you warm on cold days.