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Vocabulary Quiz
burnable • felt guilty • bins
buried in the
  1. Is this package or should we recycle it?
  2. It would be a good idea to get some big to keep all these things in.
  3. When they dug up the soil to build the house, they found lots of interesting things ground.
  4. I that I didn't go to her birthday party, but I was just too sick and tired to go.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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650 Trash Talk
Keiko discusses how trash disposal is different in Japan and The States.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.


We divide the garbage into burnable and non-burnable.

'Burnable' garbage is what you can safely burn. Some things will burn, but you shouldn't burn it, because it will cause problems for the environment. Notice the following:

  1. At the end of the weekend we have a big fire and destroy all our burnable garbage.
  2. We have three bins: burnable, recyclable and regular garbage.

feel guilty

In the States, I feel guilty when I put my trash all in one place.

You 'feel guilty' when you do something that is wrong. Sometimes you know it is wrong when you do it, and sometimes you find out later that it was wrong. Notice the following:

  1. Lying to people makes her feel very guilty, and she usually confesses later.
  2. I feel so guilty when I have to throw away food.


I always feel strange when I don't put away trash in the right bin.

A 'bin' is a large container, usually made of plastic or metal. In this case it is something that holds garbage, but bins can be used to hold or store many things. Notice the following:

  1. Do you have a bin for your recycling?
  2. I have so many clothes that I have to keep them in bins under my bed.


Because we have a lot more land in the States, we just bury a lot of the trash.

When you 'bury' something, you dig a big hole, put something in the ground and cover it with dirt. You bury things that you don't want people to see or people that have died. Notice the following:

  1. This is where we buried our dog.
  2. My grandfather didn't believe in banks, so he kept his money buried behind his house.