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Vocabulary Quiz
came into • confidence • passions
useless • in touch
  1. Doing practice interviews will help you gain in your abilities.
  2. I can't believe he planned this event. I assumed he was completely at planning.
  3. We kept for a few years after university, but I haven't heard from him in years.
  4. I'm not quite sure how I advertising, but I love it.
  5. Music is one of his main .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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711 Gadgets

Phil talks about gadgets and how he uses them in his daily life.

  • Transcript
  • Vocabulary

came into


I kind of came into teaching to try something different.

Here, 'come into' can be replaced with 'started' or 'became involved with.'

Notice the following:

  1. I came into journalism quite late, as it is my second career. 
  2. Why don't you come into teaching? You have all the skills that you need.

gain confidence


Phil says he went into teaching to gain confidence in himself.

When you 'gain confidence,' it means that you increase your belief in your own abilities.

Notice the following:

  1. I hope to gain confidence in my singing if I practice more.
  2. If you socialize more then you will gain confidence.

main passions


Music is one of my main passions in life.

Your 'main passion' is the thing that you love the most.

Notice the following:

  1. My main passion is food, I really love to cook.
  2. One of her main passions is her children, she puts them before anything else.

absolutely useless


I was absolutely useless at taking photographs.

When you are 'absolutely useless' at something, it means that you cannot do it very well or at all.

Notice the following:

  1. I am absolutely useless at running.
  2. I don't think I will pass my exam, as I am absolutely useless at French.

keeping in touch


It's like keeping in touch with the rest of the world.

'Keeping in touch' means that you remain in contact with someone.

Notice the following:

  1. When you move away, please make sure that you keep in touch and write to me lots.
  2. He promised to keep in touch with me, but he never wrote.